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      "Let's get
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      Quote Originally Posted by Red View Post
      I keep on hearing she dropped out of school but I don't remember how? Can you tell me?

      Rainbow Dash is always loyal to her friends. However she can be a bit arrogant but isn't their faults what makes them special?
      Honestly, I don't think she 'quit' or 'dropped out'. She just felt she was better than everyone, so she left early.

      Anyway, it's from this
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      Alright Hurricane you do have a valid point she has grown as a character but quite often she digresses. I don't hate her but I don't like her either. I don't believe she is shallow but I do believe that she is a braggart and will continue down that road till she is old and grey. She tends to be more selfish though I think Rarity beats her on that quite often. Rarity at one time totally disregarded her friends in sweet and elite, the only reason she was saved was because of Fancy Paints who is a rich pony that doesn't act like the stuck snobs as everypony else in the elite of Canterlot. To me RD remain rather stagnate throughout the show though she has brief episodes where she has a stroke of genius. All ain all I don't believe she is a bad pony but I don't think she grows very often. In my opiniion I think Rarity grew the most throughout the show especially with her relationship building with Sweetie Bell and I think that is what RD needs to grow out her fillyhood and after Sleepless in Ponyville the writers have given her a chance to grow as a pony if they maintain the sister like relationship with Scootaloo from that point on, and maybe my opinion will change on RD after that but will see if they use that.

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      Rainbow Dash is basically a pony version of someone I know. She's cocky, confident, and competitive. She can sometimes be rather tough on some of the other characters, but she truly cares about them, and is hard on them sometimes because she knows that they can do better, and gets kind of irritated when they don't live up to what she knows they can be.
      She's also impatient, and a pony of action. She loves to be in the spotlight, and can be a bit over-confident at times, but she really does care about her friends. She's just too tough to show it, even to herself.
      Remember, nopony's perfect. Sure, Dash has been a bit of a jerk of occasion. But in the end, you will find that she truly is the Element of Loyalty.

      Plus, I'm 20% cooler than everypony else.

      Don't push it, Dash.

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      I originally was hoping to stay out of this... and then I saw this thing.
      It is unrelated to whether or not I like her, just thought it might fit into this conversation.
      That is all.
      Spoiler: To keep it small 
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      Well that's not good
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      Yeah I like rainbow dash a lot. But she's not my favorite. She's not so relatable to me. But still fun and awesome.

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      This thread is terrible, everyone is so extremist with their opinions, namely @Trixie and @Scootaloo being all "she's terrible" and "she's amazing" respectively.
      Rainbow Dash is my least favourite mane6 but she's far from a "terrible" character, what's more interesting about her is how I think the show could not be the same without her, she's so flawed but also such a good pony in the inside that she always feels very real and more like a real person! I know so many people that are like her and I also like the fact that she is indeed growing up and putting her priorities straight WHILE still keeping certain flaws that are already core part of her personality just like real people! I appreciate a character like that. Do I like her? Not as much as the others, would I miss her? Yes, very much so and that makes her great imo.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Twilight Sparkle View Post
      Trixie pretty much said it.

      Rainbow Dash is most often the character on the show younger bronies (esp. males) seem to like. She's a tomboy who's good at sports, slacks off in her work, and wants to make it to the "big leagues" (The Wonderbolts, in Equestria's case). Every group needs a friend that's just not too intelligent, and that's Rainbow Dash. Her character is best defined by "GOTTA GO FAST". She has absolutely no character depth at all; every attempt at saving somepony or something is done more to impress herself or a crowd than it is for the rightful cause (as in The Best Night Ever).

      Younger males are attracted to Rainbow Dash because she's the easiest pony to relate to. Boys, naturally, are often inherently dumb, and so is Rainbow Dash. She's the kid that would be saying they're skipping college because they're going to the MLB straight out of high school, as unrealistic as that occurrence is, regardless of talent. Her goal in life is to be perceived in the public eye as being "awesome", and she spends a considerable amount of time looking for ways to "prove it" by challenging others or simply looking for any instance to show off and shove it down their throat (countless examples, but the pilot episodes come to mind as the last I've watched). A career-ending injury would drive Rainbow Dash to the brink of suicide, because she considers herself nothing if she's not going to leave a legacy as the best flyer in Equestria -- just look at how long she survived on bedrest before starting to lose it.

      The argument that Rainbow Dash is a good character on the basis of her ability to save others in so many instances is absurd. It's simply a use of her natural talent, and, for her, yet another way to show off. If Fluttershy could fly at the speed of sound (aka a sonic rainboom), the natural food chain would probably cease to exist because she'd intervene every time.
      You're an idiot. You and Muffet wouldn't know a good character of it punched you in your faces (which I genuinely hope happens to both of you.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Vopn24 View Post
      You're an idiot. You and Muffet wouldn't know a good character of it punched you in your faces (which I genuinely hope happens to both of you.
      Love those counterarguments, pal. Really convinced me.
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      Sometimes I feel like Rainbow Dash. I just want people to like me for me. I want to feel accomplished, and for those accomplishments to be recognised.
      Pinkie Pie! Apply Directly to the Friendship!! Pinkie Pie! Apply Directly to the Friendship!!

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      Quote Originally Posted by Vopn24 View Post
      You're an idiot. You and Muffet wouldn't know a good character of it punched you in your faces (which I genuinely hope happens to both of you.
      Hey, he's talking about a fictional rainbow colored horse, not torturing and eating live puppies~

      Besides, check the dates. He wrote that in 2013. I think it's fair to say that RD has had some pretty good story arcs since then.
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