Just an idea that I thought I would throw out for an RP, just to see if anyone is interested before I write up the official introduction.
As stated above, the RP would be Grimdark to whatever extent is necessary, provided it stays within forum rules and regulations.

Plot: With strange, mysterious disappearances having sprung up in a small town in Manehattan, a few select ponies have been contacted to investigate the scene, all of them unaware of each-others existence, each with their own ability they bring to the table. The town, appropriately named Twilight Town, is awash in broken spirits and gloomy residence, with what the citizen called Creepy Steeple towering overhead.

Thats the jist of it, of course, it might be subject to change, and if there is a large enough following, the Plot will get a massive overhaul, I threw this together in about an hour.

If you have any common, questions, or concerns, feel free to either message me or simply ask as a reply. Any feedback or ideas would be greatly appreciated!