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      Touhou fan all the way~
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      Feb 2015

      Serpent Scale, The Quilin Adventuress.

      Spoiler: Additional Pictures 

      Name: Serpent Scale
      Gender: Female
      Race: Half-Unicorn, Half-Dragon
      Note on the Race: People expressed concerns about her being "exactly" Half-Dragon. Well, she's not. But I don't really want to count percentages. She's more Pony, than a Dragon. A Unicorn with broken magic and physique that took just some characteristics of a Dragon. A "Magical Chimera", so to say. Not born this way, but magically infused characteristics of two creatures. Also, she refers to herself as "Quilin". That's the name of the legendary pony-dragon hybrid she once saw in a book.

      Spoiler: Quilin Inspirations 

      Age: 20 (ex-27)
      Magic Color: Red
      Occupation: Adventurer, Treasure Hunter, Hireling
      Home: A lone farm in Radiant Empire's wilderness
      Appearance: She's covered with green scales, her belly is covered with yellow-ish scales. Her eyes are bright green, kinda yellow-ish too. Pupils are normal, although when startled, scared or angry, her pupils become dragon-like, slit. Her mane is green at core and gets brighter to hair's ends. Her hooves are yellow-ish. Her tail got longer, dragon-like. Spikes are located along Scale's spine, as well as four spikes\horns on her head, two in front of each ear. Her Unicorn horn is located between her Dragon horns. Her fangs are visible, but not too long. Her wings are of the average size.
      Spoiler: Relationships 

      Cutiemark (Inspiration Mark in her world): Three Dragon Scales
      Spoiler: Inspiration Mark 

      Hobbies: Reading Swiftwing the Adventuress books; Helping her parents with farm chores; Flying and enjoying scenery. Adventures are more than hobby to her.
      Character: She is a quick thinker and loves reading. While she easily gets exited or angered, she never lets her emotions take over. She can hold that all long enough to respond adequately. She's cheerful and kind, but tends to be a bit more silent with strangers. In her younger years though, she was a bit too active and rarely though about consequences of her words or actions, which lead to a number of unpleasant situations.

      Abilities: Due to her unusual Origin, she's flawed both as a Unicorn and a Dragon. She can use powerful Fire Magic, but that's the only magic she can use. Even the basic "Levitation" ends up in embers. And she also can't breathe fire. Only cough up a few flame sparks. Her scales make her fireproof. Dragon wings allow her to fly. She's stronger than an Earth Pony, being Half-Dragon and all, but can just barely challenge a young Dragon in strength. Her flying skills can compete with those of the fastest Pegasi. But I don't think she can challenge Thunderwings, she's a bit too heavy to reach that speed.

      Notes on Abilities: These abilities are not just "out of nowhere". Being a newborn Half-Dragon, she knew nothing and her body was weak. She grew on the farm. Helping her parents with everyday chores helped her get much stronger, being Half-Dragon just moved her strength limits a bit further as she grew up. As for magic, her stepbrother, a Royal Guard unicorn, tried teching her magic. But the only magic she could cast was Fire magic. Light spell, Fireball spell, etc. She practiced with her brother whenever he was coming to visit and eventually was able to create her own variations of Fire spells. Still, their power wasn't greater than that of your average unicorn mage's. Exept for Royal Spark, which was basically total release of enourmous amounts of magic, that was then ignited, causing concentrated sphere of fire with incretible temperature. Serpent Scale can withstand that heat thanks to her fireproof scales. Also, she have trouble at accelerating or decelerating when flying due to her weight. Capable of gaining great speed and agility thanks to her strength, accelerating takes more time than it would take for a Peagasus. As for decelerating, she just slows a bit before actually just landing at a rather great speed, leaving mark on earth. It's easier for her to manuver at top speed due to her aerodynamics, scales and all.

      Short Description:
      "Found as a baby in a crystal cave, she has no knowledge of her origin. Who were her real parents? Why was she all alone in that cave? She will find answers for those day...maybe.
      Her stepparents are farmers and her stepbrother is a Royal Guard in Radiant Empire's capital - Dawnshine. Scale is a longtime fan of Swiftwing the Adventuress. She always dreamed of going on an adventure. To fight mighty foes and find riches unimaginable. But her first adventure was not what she imagined it to be. Her stepbrother's life as a Royal Guard was at stake, and she would soon meet the enigmatic resident of the Grim Castle - Sin the Earthbound, a Soulbinder.

      "Great continent of Gurenseh. In that land lived a unicorn named Scales. She was a Dragon researcher. Ponies knew precious little about those mighty creatures and she dedicated her life to finding as much about them as possible. Her cutiemark, Three Dragon Scales, became symbol of her dedication.
      Scales found a book, written by an Ancient Cult which mentioned something about an Artifact, connected to Dragons. She was dedicated to find it. She searched for months, but haven't found anything. But eventually, she managed to find a Crystal Cave where Artifact was hidden. Scales entered the cave, and there she found an Artifact. It was...a Crystal Dragon Egg! That's what she hastely assumed. Her roughly translated ancient text, appearance of the Artifact and outbursting exitement lead to her greatest mistake in her life. She cast a "Hatch" spell on the "Egg". But instead, the Artifact, which actually was a Crystal Databank on Dragon Physiology, exploded. The spell bounced back at Scales. It hit her and in a few seconds she was turned into a Dragon Egg. Inside this egg, she stayed in some kind of magical stasis. Even after her physique was altered, egg protected her from dangers of the world. And one day, a couple found its way into the cave. Sensing their good nature, the egg finally hatched...and so began the story of Serpent Scale.
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