NOTE THAT I AM NEW TO THE KINGDOM HEARTS SERIES SO IF I MESS UP ON ANYTHINGNG PLEASE HELP. Creatures known as "Heartless" have suddenly been appearing everywhere in equestria. But that's not the only problem, for some reason astronomers have noticed new planets appearing close to them. (Those would be the planets based off of Disney movies from the game.) It seems nothing can stop these heartless, but Celestia found out a way to fight them. She has learned of Weapons called...Keyblades. certain ponies can wield these blades and have their own personal blade. Celestia has created a plan to try and figure out where these "heartless" come from. The people who can wield keyblades will only obtain them when in serious danger. Example: *Insert OC here* could not continue to fight off the heartless, they seemed unfazed by his magic. All seemed lost as they all jumped on top of him, but suddenly a big bright came from *Insert OC here*'s body. The heartless were all hit back by the light. *Insert OC here* got up, a blade was in front of him stabbed in to the ground *End of example* Anyways the roleplay will start with your OC learning that they wield a keyblade. Celestia will send them off to the other worlds to investigate where the heartless come from and try to stop whatever is sending them to equestria, along the way they will fight classic Disney villains and organization 13 (Also everyone in the different worlds are also ponies. Just saying so there's no confusion) Also I haven't played the second game but I heard there's double keyblades but in this RP you only get your keyblade so I'm adding in a new thing for people who want to fight with two blades instead of one. In this RP keyblades can be split into 2 (both look exactly the same though) now for calling keyblades, I'm taking The Total eclipse key blade: