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      S1E1+2 - Friendship is Magic: Part 1 and 2 [Discussion Thread]


      These episodes were otherwise known as "Mare in the Moon" and "Elements of Harmony".

      But, wow, how about that, this is the episode(s) that inspired millions to become Bronies, including me! That's why I'm happy to review this episode!

      Right, so!

      PART 1

      The story (quite literally!) starts with a brief explanation of the history of Equestria, including our favourite princesses: Celestia, the Sun Princess, and Luna, the Moon Princess. They have always worked together to raise and lower the Sun and Moon as the ponies they rule live their happy lives. But we are then shown that the Moon Princess was jealous! Her subjects would sleep during her Night, but frolic about during her sisters' day time! She had become so bitter, that her own darkness overcame her, and Princess Luna transformed into Nightmare Moon! She promised to bring eternal night to Ponyville. Her sister was forced to reluctantly use Equestria's greatest power: The Elements of Harmony, to defeat her sister and seal her in the moon. We are shown that Twilight Sparkle was the one reading the story.
      Before the intro credits, she ponders how she first heard of the Elements of Harmony.. Twilight enters Canterlot, intent on studying, which causes her to decline a party invite, to her friends' dismay. She races to her room, bumping into Spike, and sadly destroying the host of the parties' gift. She gets frustrated searching for the book of the Elements, but Spike finds it for her. She ends up reading of a story named "The Mare in the Moon", which retells the story of Luna's fall. He reads that once every thousand years, the stars will aid Nightmare Moons' escape. Twilight is horrified to realise that it will soon be that day, telling Spike to write a letter to Celestia about it. Celestia is said to be busy about the upcoming Sun Festival, but Twilight states that is the very night of Nightmare Moons' return.

      Celestia however, says she belives she is reading too many books. After such, she sends both Twilight Sparkle and Spike to Ponyville to continue her studies, and to make friends, to Twilights' dismay. The first pony to meet Twilight is the hyper Pinkie Pie, who flee's as soon as Twilight greets her, to her confusion. The next one is the hardworking Applejack, who is very happy to meet Twilight. She speaks to Applejack about the upcoming festival, as Applejack is the food proprietor, and is offered a taster session with apple-flavour products, and she is then introduced to the family. The next pony to be met is the "Gotta Go Fast" Rainbow Dash, who accidently bumps Twilight into a mud pile, but uses her Pegasis powers to get her clean, though not quite how she wants. Dash reveals her love for the Wonderbolts, and upon Twilights' dare, cleans the sky in "10 seconds flat", leaving Twilight speechless. He then meets the decorator, who Spike immediately falls for, the glamorous Rarity! She immediately working on Twilights' appearance, much to her annoyance, and is sure they will be great friends. Twilight then runs into the adorable Fluttershy, who is helping birds with their singing for the Festival. However, Fluttershy is completely reluctant to speak to Twilight, due to her incredibly shyness, and just about manages to tell Twilight her name, before Twilight loses patience trying to hear her. However, the pipes up immeditately upon hearing Spike, being fascinated by him. Twilight manages to shake her off, and returns to her new house in Ponyville, only to find Pinkie had disappeared only to prepare a party, in Twilight's own house, much to her horror. She has invited all the four ponies to the party, but Twilight flee's to her room. The party continues however, with Twilight preferring to be alone, Spike however tells her she really needs to lighten up.

      Later, at the Sunrise Festival, the Mayor gives a speech to prepare the for the longest day ahead of them, before Princess Celestia is said to be appearing herself. Shockingly, Celestia is not there, but instead, an ominous mist appears in her place, and Twilight fears the worst, as Nightmare Moon suddenly appears instead, to the horror of everyone around her. She once again promises to bring eternal night to Equestria, as the episode stops here!!!

      Did that psych you up? Well the next episode continues the very story!

      PART 2

      Guards attempt to attack Nightmare, but she is too powerful, and eventually flees Ponyville. Twilight panics are attempts to find information about Nightmare Moon, and is joined by Pinkie, Rarity, Fluttershy, Dash and Applejack. Eventually finding the book about the Elements, she reveals them: Kindess, Laughter, Generosity, Loyalty and Laughter, and reads that they will find them in the most feared place of all: The Everfree Forest. Twilight hesitates, but her friends are determined to help her.
      Nightmare Moon attempts to make them all fall off a cliff, but they are all safe bar Twilight, and Applejack swears (Honestly) that Twilight will be safe if she allows herself to fall, and she is, when Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy halt her fall. The next obstalce is a lion-bat-scorpion hybrid, who aggressively attacks the group, but eventually Fluttershy (Kindly) helps the creature, taking a pin out of it's foot, to which is very grateful when she picks it out, and no longer hinders them. Nightmare Moon does not step here; as the ponies venture further, she possesses several tree's to scare the gang into leaving. However, Pinkie is the only one not afraid, as she teaches the girls her technique as to never be afraid of her fears. (By Laughing at them).

      The girls then come across a dragon in despair, as Nightmare Moon has rippled part of his moustache, causing him to cry and ruin the river. Rarity, feeling sympathy, (Generously) helps the Dragon by cutting part of her tail off in order to give the Dragon his moustache back, which he adores, and helps them cross the river. The ponies see the Hall of Elements is in sight, but a fallen bridge hinders them. Rainbow Dash attempts to help them, but upon flying to the other side, is approached by dark beings known as the Shadow Bolts, who ask Dash to join as their captain. However, Dash (Loyally) sticks to her friends, and declines the offer, much to the Bolts' frustration. Finally reaching the hall, they enter and find the Elements of Harmony in stone, and soon discover that the reuniting of the Elements and their Ponies should cause a 6th Element to appear. Twilight attempts to work on this, but is interupted by Nightmare Moon, who disappears along with Twilight and the Elements, much to the ponies' dismay. Twilight tries her best to unite the Elements, but is not successful. Upon reuniting, Twilight learns that she does not require the stones to unite the Elements, and notes to Nightmare Moon that the Spirits of the Mane Six are what is required. She lists each pony to their perspective Element, and this causes the (Magical) final Element to appear with her and her finally accepted friends. This power enables Nightmare Moons' defeat, which gets rid of the evil of Nightmare Moon. The ponies all gain necklaces with their respective Cutie Marks as the Elements of Friendship. Celestia returns, finally bringing up the sun. She and Twilight rejoice, where Celestia reveals she knew Twilight would be the one able to bring back the Elements, but only if she learned of Friendship. Luna is still alive, but has reverted back to a filly form on the Side of Good, who apologises tearfully to her big sister, and they rejoice. Naturally, this gives Pinkie and excuse to throw a party. Celestia asks why Twilight seems glum, as Twilight states she is saddened to have to leave her friends, when she just met them. Celestia however, decree's that Twilight shall stay with her friends, and learn more about Friendship, tasking her to write to Celestia about her learnings.

      The episode comes to a close as everyone celebrates!

      And that's it!

      I personally loved these episodes, despite having never watched anything like it before! The animation was good, the story was well done and suspenseful, the characters were great and very evolved, and above all, too cute! Though the show was intent on being aimed to a younger audience, it was then that a lot of the adult population had taking a liking to the show, which came as a pleasant surprise to the creators. A fine start to the series!

      I didn't think I'd get too into this show, but nowadays I've never missed an episode!

      So how about y'all? What're your thoughts on the start of a living legend?

      TL;DR - Ponies
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      S1E1+2 - Friendship is Magic: Part 1 and 2 [Discussion Thread]

      one of my fav episodes

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      The Cutie Map

      Next year will mark the 5 years of FiM.

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