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      Jan 2014

      S1E25- Party of One Discussion thread

      Welcome to our first glimpse into the psyche of one Pinkamina Dianne Pie.

      The episode starts out innocuously enough, with Pinkie throwing a party to celebrate her pet crocodile Gummy's first birthday. She even goes so far as to deliver invitations via singing telegram. The party goes off without a hitch (some punchbowl shenanigans notwithstanding), and everyone agrees that Pinkie should host another one soon.

      However, Pinkie interprets "soon" as "tomorrow", and sure enough, is at everyone's door the next morning. She invites them all to Gummy's "after-party party", but finds that her friends are being evasive, and are coming up with more and more implausible excuses for why they cant attend. Suspicious, she follows them around town and discovers they are keeping something big from her, and no longer want to attend her parties. After a forced (though false) confession from spike, she finally snaps.

      Pinkie is seen with a bunch of inanimate objects in chairs and party hats, having conversations with them. She gives each their own personality and accent, and acts as a puppeteer for them. Through them, she manages to convince herself to completely abandon her friends, and to cut off all ties with them.

      Thankfully, Rainbow Dash arrives to end Pinkie's meltdown, and insists that pinkie follow her to Applejack's farm. Pinkie refuses, causing Dash to literally drag her to the barn. once there, Pinkie learns that her friends were only avoiding her to throw her a birthday party (being so wrapped up with Gummy's birthday, Pinkie forgot her own.). The episode ends with Twilight's letter to Princess Celestia, reflecting on how you should trust your friends, as they will always have your best intrest in mind.

      This is one of my favorite episodes, because it is so interesting to watch Pinkie's decent into madness, and her subsequent return to (relative) sanity. It's not hard to figure out how she lost it (thinker her friends had abandoned her, ect), but the more interesting question is why. I think it is because Pinkie is incredibly reliant on others for her own sense of self-worth.

      It is startlingly quick how easily she dismisses her best friends after thinking they don't like her. With no one to guide or help her, she quickly manifests multiple personalities to do the job instead. She isn't able to cope with grief by herself. Furthermore, her imaginary friends push her further from her real friends, suggesting Pinkie is subconsciously more comfortable with what she sees as "perfect" companions. Ones who she can make always be there for her, and can never abandon her. Though this is the only time we see this behavior, it is likely that she comes back to these imaginary friends often when she is alone in making a difficult choice.

      What do you think?

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      Battleborn beta is pretty
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      Pinkie definitely got a little crazy in this episode. But then again, I've had conversations with different voices in my head before. Sometimes they have even lead me to a few insights or made me realize things I didn't know I knew. So who says crazy is a bad thing?
      Spoiler: Pony Personality Test Results 

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      Apr 2015
      Pinkie Pie was so crazy in this one.

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      Behind You...
      Pinkie going nuts is just weird.

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