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      Member Number 429.
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      Sep 2012
      Gerrish Island, Kittery Point, ME
      Quote Originally Posted by Dustin View Post
      In no particular order:
      @Squee; @Trixie; @AYBfim; @Lyra; @Eliza!;

      You all are pretty rad people and I'm glad I know you. Thanks for being so cool.
      I don't come to this site as I used to, unfortunately, my life changed dramatically last September. I like to check in every now and again to see what's happening. Thank you, Dustin, for this message. It made me a little happier.

      Thank you, Chrysalis for the amazing signature!

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      Senior Member

      This cancer still exists?
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      Aug 2012
      Might as well do another one.

      @Nakuu: You're always on these lists of mine. Then again, that's not exactly a bad thing.

      We've had our differences in the past, mainly because of me being an idiot. I must have said that on this forum at least 100 times now. That kinda says it all. Lmao.

      Either way, I still love you to bits as a friend, even if you don't think the same and even if we don't talk nowhere near as much. I still would do practically anything to help you if I could. Keep your chin up, yeah? If you ever need someone to vent at or anything, you know where to find me.

      @Longhaul: You're on this my list. Again.

      We still don't talk that much as you're no doubt busy, but I still class you as an awesome person. Don't change and keep your chin up too, man. You know where to find me if you need anyone to chat with.

      @Tyrant-A-Rant!: We don't talk all the time, but when we do, you do make me chuckle sometimes. You've always been a good friend to me, even if we're not really close or anything. Stay cool, Twitch.

      @Sweetie Belle!: You're basically in the same boat as Twitch when it comes to my opinion on you. You're a great guy and I enjoy chatting with you when I can. Stay frosty, Switchy.

      @Celestia: We might not talk as much anymore like it is with most people for me on here nowadays, but you're still an awesome guy to chat with and you've matured a whole fucking lot since you became the owner. You were once an idiot. Now, you're an even bigger idiot, but a more fun one.

      Keep cool, Brosus.

      Updating this.

      @Rarity: We never really talk a whole lot and I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned you before, but you recently (very fucking recently) made me sorta realise something and you were there for me. I appreciate that. You've also always been cool to me and quite chill. Always here if you need to just chat or vent to someone.

      @Octavia!: I don't talk to you much as you've been busy and what not. And you're not one to constantly chat, anyway. That doesn't make you any less cool, though. You've always been lovely to me, no matter if I've been an ass or not. Hope you and Joy are doing well, too. I give my best wishes to you two for the future.

      @Twilicious: You haven't been active that much in a long ass time, but I still remember you. You were always caring and kind to everyone, including me. I think I met you when you joined the original FiM back in 2012. Don't know if I still had this name back then, actually...

      Either way, thanks for being awesome. I hope that you've been okay with whatever you've been doing in your life.

      @Roseluck: Ah, Roseluck. You've designed me so many pips. You actually made one for me back on the original FiM when I had this exact name. Doesn't seem like it was back in 2012. Jesus. I always liked you, though. You were always really chill. Hope your life is going well as you're not very active nowadays.

      @Pyro Mancer!: I've known you for quite a long while now and you've always been really cool. Glad that I've had the opportunity to talk to you in the past. I hope that you're okay with whatever you're doing right now in your life as well.

      @Lyra: I don't talk to you much nowadays either, but you're still a cool person. I remember when I first met you back on original FiM. I think that I had this exact name. Haha. Stay chill.

      Will probably update some more if I remember anyone else. Mind is terrible nowadays...
      Last edited by Sam Gideon; 09-14-2015 at 05:33 PM.

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      Junior Member
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      Sep 2015
      Last edited by Rise!; 09-07-2015 at 11:19 PM.

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      Senior Member
      If there is anyone selling
      tickets off this planet hit me
      up okay?
      Kongou's Avatar
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      Aug 2015
      In the ChinChin realm
      @Goddamn Skeleton; for all the shit he gave me on the old FIM for how much of a faggot I used to be

    5. #715
      I'll Retire When I'm Dead
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      Dec 2011
      Somewhere High Speed


      i love you

      and Ian

    6. #716
      Eg er Gud
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      Aug 2012
      @Nakuu; muh fair maiden

      @Goddamn Skeleton; for the keks

      @Celestia; if you make me admin

      @Shadow Pony; cool guy

    7. #717
      "Grey Skies are gonna
      clear up!-Put on a happy
      Grand Empress Felicia!'s Avatar
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      Nov 2013
      Kittenburg Palace.
      Obviously @Grand Empress Felicia!; for she is the fairest of all FiM users, not to mention the coolest
      I'm always wanting myself some @Twitch-A-Bloom!; and @Derpy!; Fwoof is always a good back-up~ @Eliza!; Elizu-Chan is pretty fun to chat with, and is ultimately 3rd-runner up bae.
      Last edited by Rise!; 09-11-2015 at 01:11 AM.

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      Senior Member

      This cancer still exists?
      Sam Gideon's Avatar
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      Aug 2012
      I'll update this. Only one person this time, though.

      @Bryan: Glad that you're back on here, even if you're not active all the time. Good guy. Keep chill, Afghan.

      Spoiler: My discord 

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      Community Manager
      Everything is Just Always
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      Apr 2013
      Items Muffin
      Blog Entries
      Awards Decommissioned with Honors - FBest of '14 - Funniest Member, Community Favourite
      @Remilia You and me against the world, bby~ Or at the very least the Bubby Duck~ I don't think there's anyone here who even comes close to understanding me like you do, my dear~

      @Celestia You and me against the world, bby~ Or at the very least Thunderclash~ Easily the most trustworthy person I've ever met. You've really turned this place around, and no matter where everything goes next, I'll be 100% behind you~

      @Trixie You've gotten me through more rough times than I can count~ I'll always have your back, Patchouxie~ Also happy birthday~

      @Eliza! You're simply marvelous, darling~ And so consistent too! The shoutbox is never without class with you in it~

      @Fernando; Your accent still haunts my dreams~

      @Derpy! Easily Lovable~ I don't know what this site would be like without you, but I hope never to find out~

      @Cheerilee If they sculpted your figure from the moldiest cheese in the world, your visage would still shine through as if it was cast in gold. "My, what chiseled features~ " I would say~

      @Ryusnarky Sometimes I have nightmares of us drifting away from each other, and the last words you whisper are "Twitchy pls "

      @Grand Empress Felicia! If you sued the website over stealing the idea of "royalty" you'd win by a landslide, your majesty~

      @Bryan I don't think I've seen anyone else from the merge fit in quite as well as you did from the start! You get along so well with everyone it's a wonder you didn't join us sooner~

      @Rarity You handsome rogue you~ You've got some real talent for the details, Squarity, and you really bring a lot to the table as a mod. It's fantastic to have you~

      @Shapeshift! I don't think you even realize just how empty the shoutbox feels when you're not around I always look forward to what you have in store for us next~

      @Pyro Mancer! I wouldn't even be here without you, man~ Thanks for all your support and being such a good friend~ Wait, I said that already~
      I meant to say "I would even be here with you, girl~ No thanks to all your antagonism and being such a bad enemy~ :kiss:"

      @Blues! We're like brothers, man!~ You're the best of the best~

      @Philomena! Oh God you're leaving soon Don't forget to write me from prison the navy~ I'll stay faithful~ P-probably~

      @Drizzt Do'Urden! Such mystery~ Easily one of my most favorite people here~ If I had to describe you in 5 words or less, it'd probably be "Top tier of the year"~ Don't ever leave.

      @Silver Spoon! My dear Silver Spoon~ When it comes to spoon authority, nobody makes my spoon-shaped heart pale in size comparison more than you~

      @Braeburn Consistently empathetic and thoughtful with a heap of wit to top it all off~ Even though you're not around as much, it's always fantastic to see you~ I've got some pretty big shoes to fill~

      @Anypony I've gotten to know you quite a bit better recently, and I do really enjoy having you around~

      @Twilight Sparkle You're absolutely hilarious!~ You really bring life to the Skype calls, it's so great to have you around~

      @Kurama Kurama-trauma-sama!~ Nobody ever sums up a thread quite like you do~

      @Pinka-Maud Log in more!~

      @Shad! You keep the shoutbox going even during the late hours! It's always good to run into you after a long day of work or school~ Your sense of humor always makes you the life of the party~
      @Yugo; Tilli, my dear~ Your eyes are like a really really really big ocean, each breath you take probably sounds a lot like the wind, sort of like a whooooooosh noise that you stop noticing after a while, and when you're walking down the street and you hear the wind whisper "Tilli" you're probably just imagining it because I literally live half a world away from you~ (I pulled out all the stops on my poetry for this~ ) Also, if I had a nickel for every time I thought "Wow, Tilli is very pretty!" I'd probably be 4 or 5 nickels richer than I am now because I don't visit the faces of FiM thread that often~ In any case, it's always good to see you, and even though we're separated by time zones, I'm glad you're still a regular here on FiM~

      @Goddamn Skeleton; It's great to have you back, Dank!~ We should really make an under-appreciated member of the year award for you~ The icon will be a picture of Steampunk Giraffe or something~

      @Dawn Star; Speaking of under-appreciated members of the year~ Easily one of the kindest people I know. You really help make the site everything it's meant to be~

      @Shadow Pony; I tell ya, this mod is brimming with personality~ You're so much more talkative now! I liked you before, but recently you've really gone above and beyond what I knew of you. You really are a gem~

      @Dustin; Practically our site mascot!~ I don't think there's anyone here who doesn't like you, Dusty, and you do it all without even trying!~ My adoration and jealousy are real~

      @Noi; Another member who brings a certain spice to the shoutbox~ Some people take what you say at face value, but there's always so much more depth just below the surface~ You and Coin are a hilarious team that this site simply can't do without~
      @Octavia!; Tavi!~ We've practically been friends since day one!~ You don't log in quite as often as I'd like, but definitely a lot more recently~ Everything you say in the shoutbox is always so thought out, and you always put me in a much better mood when you throw your two cents into the conversation~

      @PowerStream; Sam~ It's true that we don't talk much, but that doesn't man I don't thoroughly enjoy when we do!~ It's always a pleasure to see you, man~

      @Kamina; I used to think that nobody would be able to fill the racist Spain-shaped hole in my heart that Juan once occupied~ And while you're neither of those things, you seem to do the job quite nicely~ You're awesome, man~

      @Spike Spiegel; You were so quiet for the longest time~ Even then though, I knew you were a pretty cool guy from the start~ I liked you before it was cool~

      You're all still amazing~
      Last edited by Rise!; 09-14-2015 at 05:04 AM.
      Sig by Discord~

      There's a way, there's a will, and there's a time. It all comes down to what, where, when and why.
      Learn to run, learn to breathe, and you can learn to do most anything. Dare your heart to try.
      Chin up~

      Property of Celestia.

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      Senior Member

      This cancer still exists?
      Sam Gideon's Avatar
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      Aug 2012
      @Twitch-A-Bloom!: Welp, as you said in your post on here, we don't talk much. But I'd like to change that.

      Ever since I started talking to you (can't remember the exact time that I started talking to you. All I know is that it was a long ass time ago), you've always been really kind and chill with me. Glad to have you as the CM on here, Twitchy.

      @Nakuu: I've mentioned you a whole lot of times, but recently, we've been talking a lot more and we're becoming a bit closer again. I'll always be here for ya and you know that. Keep your chin up, dork~

      Spoiler: My discord 

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