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    Thread: Shoutbox Rules

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      Shoutbox Rules

      The general forum rules apply in the shoutbox.

      The shoutbox is ENGLISH ONLY

      RP is allowed, but should be kept to a minimum.
      For example; 'hugs' are fine, but full sentenced RP should stay in the RP tabs.

      To keep it accessable for all members there are no pornographic, gore or heavily suggestive images allowed.

      Swear words are fine, provided they aren't incessant and spammed with every shout.
      This causes great discomfort for some members, and we're trying to make everyone as happy as possible being on the forums!

      If you do feel the need to discuss anything inappropriate, you can always start a private conversation by using the shoutbox PM feature.

      People are also required to keep their shouts readable and maintain a minimum level of spelling/grammar.
      For example: "Dunt teyp leik dis"

      General-use fonts should be kept at a readable colour and style. Underlined font should only be used for emphasis, not as a constant setting, as it can be very distracting.

      The following BBcodes are not permitted for use in the general shoutbox:
      • [glow]
      • [spoiler]
      • [soundcloud]
      • [scroll]
      • [reversescroll]
      • [float]
      • [warning]
      • [map]

      Please note that additional BBcode may be disabled in the shoutbox as well, meaning it simply will not work if it is typed.

      When a staff member feels you're violating the rules they can choose to either delete a shout, to prune you or to prune the whole box.
      Pruning has no warning/infraction level but it deletes all of your shouts since last prune.
      This will result in the loss of activity points and possible awards (for those in the top 5).

      About the Skype room:
      Even though the Skype room does include most staff and active members, it is not a part of the forum and the forum rules do not apply.
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