I was sure there was thread for this already, but maybe I was just thinking of back on the old forum. Bone is series of graphic novels by Jeff Smith. It's about a character named Fone Bone (Often just called Bone) and his two cousins, Phoney Bone and Smiley Bone. They are Bones from Boneville. Stop me if I'm moving too fast for you. Anyway, Phoney is renowned for his "get rich quick" schemes. He was the richest Bone in Boneville. However, his most recent fiasco lead to an angry mob which chased the three cousins out of town. Fone Bone and Smiley are good enough, but they couldn't let their cousin wander out into the world alone. The Bones find themselves lost in a great desert when our story begins, and they become separated from each other. Fone Bone makes his way to a Valley and lives off the land for a while before meeting a girl named Thorn, who takes him back home and cares for him with her grandmother. Eventually Phoney and Smiley meet back up with him.

Here's where the story gets interesting. Fone Bpne wants to get back to Boneville. Phoney wants to con every last one of the locals out of as much money as he can so he can return to Boneville once again as the richest Bone in Boneville. And Smiley is too thick to care much about anything except having fun and taking it easy. While the story seems light-hearted enough, a war is brewing. The Rat Creatures are growing restless, and bolder every day, violating the treaty that is supposed to keep them away from the human settlements. Dark forces are at work, speaking of prophecies and the Lord of the Locusts. A conflict this great hasn't occurred since the Great War, and the dragons seem unwilling to assist in the rise of the Rat Creatures and their masters. The Bones set out on an incredible journey of heroism, conflict, mystery, danger, and more. The series is both comedic and fun, but also dramatic and intense. It has won several awards and received a lot of praise. I highly recommend it.

Spoiler: Pics