Industrial Revolution is Robert Cutforth’s epic post-apocalyptic work based in Manchester, England—home of the original Industrial Revolution. Industrial Revolution is dramatic and dangerous, a novel that will please fans of both hard and soft science fiction. Realism is at its core and readers should liken the novel more to The Drowned World or The Stand, rather than to a novel like World War Z. Industrial Revolution is a work of adult fiction that will please fans of the masters, Stephen King and Haruki Murakami. The main protagonist of the novel is Seth, an American, who wakes up in the destroyed city, reliant only on the words of a sadistic doctor and a little girl long dead for clues to why the world is gone. Seth's mind is blank except for a grotesque machine and a burning need to find it. Seth will need to recover his memory and survive a dead world full of brutal and battle-scarred killers long enough to find the machine. Lovers of the science fiction genre will adore the twists and turns throughout Industrial Revolution. The compelling plot will keep the pages turning until the very last one, and have you hungering for more.

So my cousin/ second cousin? He married my uncles sister. Well Rob has written a book.
He asked me to share it with my friends, so I lent my copy to a few of my IRL friends, but I came to thinking, more people on here would be interested in it than the people I know IRL.

So it set in a post-apocalyptic Manchester, Its hard to explain with out giving to much away, but I will say this. It does read like a firs book and that's what it is, but what it also is, is a gripping read. I had the thing finished in like 2 days. My reading rate is about 1 book a week some times a book and a half. It's the kind of book that gets your heart pumping, action, enticement, sadness a lot of sadness. Like I said its hard to explain when my uncle was trying to explain it to me he was like just read it, and that's what I shall say to you, just read it if you like.

I shall leave you with his blog that may be more help than I can be.