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      Making Pony Comics

      I've decided im going to start making mlp comic stips. Just simple 4 panel comics to make everybody smile, nothing fancy.

      Before I start, I want to gather some information to help me out. Please everybody, tell me what you want to see! Do you want the gags to be based off fan jokes or my own original ideas? Both?

      I'm also going to make strips based on gags made in new episodes. I think that is a must!

      Now about the style. Should I imitate the drawing style from the show or should I give it my own creative flair?

      About feedback. Should I submit my strips on sites like Equestria Daily, make a tumblr or just upload them all here?

      If you guys have any ideas, please let me know! I cant do this without any of you!

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      Hey there! I am a (less frequent now) pony comic creator myself! I've found that a good thing to do is a have a nice mix of original jokes, pop culture references and slapstick wackiness, be it Pinkie Pie falling out of a tree and getting in Big Macs face, Lyra creating a Doctor Octopus set of robotic arms, or a mini-series mocking the Twilicorn controversy.

      As for art style, well that depends entirely on you. I have been able to draw in the show style, but if I were to try something else now, I'd probably suck at it. So go with what you are strongest with.

      DeviantArt is one of the best places out there to showcase your work. It's easy to use, and you can submit it to the many tens of pony groups that all have hundreds of members in them. Also submit every single one to Equestria Daily. A lot of people seem to dislike the site, BUT it is a fantastic boost in popularity to have a comic showcased on the website (some of the ones I've made that have been on EqD have over 60k views).

      The final, ad most important thing though is to have fun with it

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