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      My Little Pony: The Will of Fire season 3 episodes

      Season 3 complete. All that is left is season 4. Enjoy!

      The Return Of Flareon

      "The Return Of Flareon" is the 51st episode and 2 part season 3 opener in MLP:WOF. It is about how life in Ponyville continued without Flareon. It shows Rainbow Dash and the others recollecting on their memories of Flareon. In then goes to Solana who is at school and is once again telling the story of how Flareon defeated Alexei. When Cheerilee asks her how Twilight is doing, Solana tells her that Twilight is still depressed. For some time now, Twilight has taken refuge in her house, and is rarely seen leaving. Mostly all day she just lays in bed unwilling to do anything else. It then shows her going over he most precious memories of Flareon, from their wedding, to the birth of their daughter, to when he saved her from Grimm when she was kidnapped. Meanwhile, Solana asks the other for help to cheer Twilight up, but they are unsuccessful as nothing seems to work. Solana then gets an idea of building a statue of Flareon in the town square. After they complete it, they devise a plan to get Twilight to come outside. Spike tells Twilight that a monster has begun to attack Ponyville and they need her help. When Twilight appears and is ready to fight the monster, she sees everyone around an object covered with a sheet. She then realizes that she had been tricked, and attempts to go back home, but is stopped by Solana who tells her that she doesn't like this new depressed Twilight and that she wanted her mom back. Rainbow Dash and the others also tell Twilight that they wanted her back to normal too. Princess Celestia also appears and tells Twilight that Flareon gave his life so that everyone, including her, could finally live their life in peace. Soon after, they remove the sheet showing a bronze statue of Flareon with the words "Flareon: The Hero of Equestria" on it. Twilight begins to cry and tells everyone that she is sorry for how she has been acting the last couple weeks and promises to return back to her normal self. Meanwhile, Flareon is shown walking in a white void. After walking for what seemed like 3 hours, someone calls out his name. Flareon turns around and sees Infinity standing in front of him. Infinity tells Flareon that she brought him into this empty void after he had sacrificed himself to defeat Alexei. After Infinity thanks Flareon for defeating Alexei and saving Equestria, she then gives him 2 choices. He could either return back to the human world and return to his old life, or he could return to Equestria and back to Ponyville. In the end, Flareon decides to return to Ponyville. Meanwhile, Twilight and the others are preparing to have a party celebrating Twilight returning back to normal. Just as they are able to leave, a bright light begins to glow just in front of the statue. Flareon then is seen walking out it, smiling, and saying "Did you guys miss me?" Before he can react, Twilight and Solana tackle him, and are seen with tears of joy in their eyes. Princess Celestia, Rainbow Dash, and everyone in town is overjoyed with the Flareon returning. When Flareon tells everyone that he was only gone for 3 hours, he is shocked to learn from Twilight that it had actually been 3 months. Everyone then decides to have a party for both Twilight coming out of her depression and Flareon coming back. Life in Ponyville had finally retuned back to normal.

      Howl At The Sun

      "Howl At The Sun" is the 52nd episode from season 3 in MLP:WOF. One day Flareon finds a lonely and scared looking wolf pup and decides to give it some food. Without Flareon noticing, the wolf pup follows him back home. When Twilight sees the wolf pup, she can't believe her eyes. Twilight then tells Flareon the wolf pup that followed him is actually the child of the Sun Goddess Amaterasu. Twilight then suggests Flareon take it in, but he declines saying he didn't want a pet, and told the wolf pup to go away. When the wolf pup runs away, Twilight asks Flareon why he was against the idea of having his own pet. Flareon then confesses that as a human, he had a pet dog that he loved that unfortunately was killed in an accident. Flareon, realizing his mistake, chases after the wolf pup. The wolf pup had apparently run into the Everfree Forest, where it was ambushed by wild animals. Flareon is then seen defeating the animals and saving the wolf pup. In the end, Flareon decides to keep the wolf pup and names it Chiberatsu.

      Pony Ghostbusters

      "Pony Ghostbusters" is the 53rd episode from season 3 in MLP:WOF. It all starts one day when Flareon finds a book stashed in the back of the downstairs closest. The book is called 101 Ghosts and has 2 set of metal chains wrapped around it with a silver lock. Flareon asks Twilight why the book is chained up and in the back of the closest. Twilight says that she had never seen the book before. In the end, they decided to open it. When they opened it though, the book began to glow, and as the name of the book says, 101 ghosts came out of the book and flew out of their house. Chaos soon erupted as Flareon and Twilight heard screaming coming from outside, and when they open the door, they see Ponyville being overrun with the ghosts they had released. Flareon then spots a panicked Rainbow Dash and tells her to get the others together and meet him near Golden Oaks Library. After everyone arrives, Flareon explains the situation to everyone, and tells them that they need to capture all the ghosts and put them back inside the book. Flareon then tells everyone that he needs them to collect 7 leaf blowers and vacuums. After they come back with them, Flareon combines them to create 7 ghost capturing devises. The rest of the episode features Flareon and the others going around Ponyville capturing all 101 ghosts. At the end of the episode, they all manage to put back all the ghosts back inside the book. Flareon then chains the book back up again, and Twilight has it sent to Princess Celestia for safekeeping.

      The Moon Is Beautiful, Isn't It?

      "The Moon Is Beautiful, Isn't It?" is the 54th episode from season 3 in MLP:WOF. Princess Luna gets a crush on Flareon and throughout the entire episode she constantly attempts to flirt with him. Flareon tries to keep Twilight and the others from finding out. In the end, Flareon explains to Luna that he loves Twilight and that they can still be friends.

      So You Think You Can Rodeo?

      "So You Think You Can Rodeo?" is the 55th episode from season 3 in MLP:WOF. Applejack decides to compete in the Equestria Rodeo in Ponyville. Since Applejack was unsuccessful in the Equestria Rodeo in Canterlot, she wanted to get a second chance at taking home the gold. Things don't go as well as planned as some of the contestants start to cheat in order to win. Applejack soon gets faced with a tough choice, either she could cheat like the others and have a better chance at winning, or go through the disappointment of letting everyone down again if she failed. In the end, Applejack decides not to cheat, which goes in her favor as all the contestants that cheated were exposed and disqualified. Applejack ends up taking 1st place and was given the title of Rodeo Champion.

      Unneeded Possession

      "Unneeded Possession" is the 56th episode from season 3 in MLP:WOF. Flareon, Twilight, and the others take a trip into the Everfree Forest for some research, where they run into a werehog. A werehog is a dangerous animal that will take possession of a body and use it against the host's will. Also, the host may not even realize that they are being possessed by the werehog. Through a state of confused chaos, the werehog possesses Flareon. Twilight and the others try to figure out who got possessed, but are unable to, and decide whoever shows usual behavior, they are the one that the werehog possessed. The werehog then takes Flareon's body and uses it to nearly eat all the food in Ponyville. In the end, Twilight and the others manage to separate the werehog from Flareon.

      Hocus Pocus

      "Hocus Pocus" in the 57th episode from season 3 in MLP:WOF. Flareon, Twilight, Rarity, Applejack along with Winona, are sent by Princess Celestia to investigate a circus that is supposedly haunted by a ghost clown.

      Protect and Serve

      "Protect and Serve" is the 58th episode from season 3 in MLP:WOF. After an officer from the Equestria Police is impressed when Flareon and Rainbow Dash help catch a criminal that was attempting to escape, he asks Flareon and Rainbow Dash if they wanted to join the Equestria Police, and after they both complete the Police Academy, Flareon and Rainbow Dash become police officers stationed in Ponyville. Soon after though, Flareon and Rainbow Dash start to take advantage of their positions. When Flareon and Rainbow Dash are ordered to guard a museum at night that contains the Emerald Necklace, they fall asleep on the job and let a thief steal the necklace. Eventually the thief is caught, but Flareon and Rainbow Dash are forced to resign from the Equestria Police.

      Haunted Developments

      "Haunted Developments" is the 59th episode from season 3 in MLP:WOF. Rarity receives a message saying that her grandmother had passed away. After the funeral she attends the reading of the will and finds out that her grandmother left her Diamond Manor. Rarity then takes Flareon, Twilight, and the others with her to stay the night at Diamond Manor to see if she wanted to move in. When they enter Diamond Manor, they meet the mansion caretaker, a gray unicorn named Jeeves. Strange events start to take place as one after another everyone starts to disappear. Soon Flareon, Twilight, Applejack, and Jeeves are the only ones left. Applejack then discovers who is responsible for everyone's disappearance and tries to tell Flareon but as she was about to she disappears. Flareon once again blames Jeeves and tries to get him to confess, but is shocked when Jeeves disappears. At that moment Flareon figures out that Twilight must have been the one behind it, but is soon knocked unconscious. When Flareon awakens he find everyone trapped in a cage, including Twilight. The other Twilight before him then transforms into a ghost. Apparently the ghost had abducted Twilight and took her form in the beginning when they had first arrived in Diamond Manor. In the end, Flareon is able to defeat the ghost and save everyone. Rarity decides not to move into Diamond Manor and gives it to Jeeves instead.

      Slumber Party Crasher

      "Slumber Party Crasher" is the 60th episode from season 3 in MLP:WOF. Twilight decides to host a girls' only slumber party. Flareon decides to crash their slumber party because he was interested in the type of gossip they would talk about, especially if it was about him. Flareon then uses a transformation spell on himself and changes into an aqua female alicorn with the alias Midnight. Flareon then has to endure all the types of activities Twilight set up. When they get to the gossip, Flareon is relieved when he isn't mentioned. In the end, Flareon's cover is blown after his transformation spell is undone when he is drenched in water after Rainbow Dash uses a rain cloud to put out the fire Flareon accidently made. As punishment for crashing their slumber party, they have Flareon wear a princess dress during their tea party.

      The End

      "The End" is the 61st episode from season 3 in MLP:WOF. After Pinkie Pie foresees the end, it throws Ponyville into a state of panic thinking she saw the end of the world. Throughout the entire episode, it features everyone preparing for the world's end. It turns out though, the end Pinkie Pie foresaw wasn't what they thought it would be.

      Escape From Prison Island

      "Escape From Prison Island" is the 62nd episode from season 3 in MLP:WOF. After Flareon is blamed for a crime he didn't commit, he is sent to Prison Island where he meets up with Bora, who was sent to Prison Island after being caught by Flareon in the season 1 episode "Charmed". After beating up Axe, the strongest criminal on Prison Island, Flareon gains the respect from all the prisoners, and with Bora's help, they agree to help Flareon escape Prison Island. At the end of the episode Flareon finally manages to escape, but at that moment Princess Celestia and Twilight are seen bringing in the fake Flareon imposter, who was finally caught in Fillydelphia. Flareon becomes the first prisoner ever to escape Prison Island.

      The Cutie Mark Rangers

      "The Cutie Mark Rangers" is the 63rd episode from season 3 in MLP:WOF. The Cutie Mark Crusaders decide to become super heroes so that they could get their cutie marks. They decide to call themselves the Cutie Mark Rangers, a group of heroes with the mission of helping the residents of Ponyville. They also decide on their motto of "Never fear, the Cutie Mark Rangers are here!" Sweetie Belle then helps design their costumes. Jump suits complete with a cape and helmet with a visor. Apple Bloom as the yellow ranger, Scootaloo as the orange ranger, Sweetie Belle as the purple ranger, and Solana as the pink ranger. They then can been seen going around Ponyville and helping as many ponies with their problems as they could. Soon though, they aren't able to find anyone that needs help. Scootaloo starts to get anxious and decides that they need to create situations where someone would need their help. Eventually though, they create a situation that becomes bigger than they had anticipated and goes out of control. They then are forced to ask Flareon and the others for help. In the end, they confess that the recent events that had taken place was their fault. After they apologize to everyone, the Cutie Mark Crusaders decide that they aren't ready to take on the responsibility of being heroes.

      Go Home Flareon, You're Drunk

      "Go Home Flareon, You're Drunk" is the 64th episode from season 3 in MLP:WOF. Flareon becomes addicted to a new alcoholic drink the Apple Family came out with called Apple Ale. Twilight and the others soon become annoyed with Flareon's drunk escapades and force him to participate in an intervention.

      A Walk In My Hooves

      "A Walk In My Hooves" is the 65th episode from season 3 in MLP:WOF. It all begins where Spike is seen transporting boxes to move downstairs. Spike accidently slips and losses his balance which results in a bottle filled with pink liquid falling out from one of the boxes. The bottle bounces off the stairs and lands on the ground, exploding in the middle of Flareon and the others causing an explosion of smoke. After the smoke disappears, Spike attempts to apologize to Flareon, but is shocked when Applejack responses. It is soon revealed that the potion that broke on the ground was a body switching potion that Flareon had made one day. Chaos soon erupts as everyone is shocked and confused as to who was who. Twilight then walks into the room and has Spike explain what happened. After he is done explaining, Twilight tells everyone that they must go on with their daily routines as the pony that had been switched with. The rest of the episode shows how everyone tried to live each other's lives resulting in hilarious consequences. At the end of the episode, Twilight manages to create a reverse body switching potion and everyone eventually returns back to their bodies.

      Wife Swap

      "Wife Swap" is the 66th and 2 part episode from season 3 in MLP:WOF. Flareon decides to make a "What-If?" potion to see what his life would have been like if he had married Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rarity, or Pinkie Pie instead of Twilight.

      Finders Keepers

      "Finders Keepers" is the 67th episode from season 3 in MLP:WOF. After finding a treasure map, Flareon, Twilight, and the others follow the map's instructions leading to the spot where the treasure is buried. After they dig up the treasure chest, they open it up to find gold jewels, vases, jewelry, etc. It doesn't take long before everyone starts to fight over the treasure. In the end, it starts to rain and they discover that all the treasure is actually junk painted gold. It turns out that the Cutie Mark Crusaders had made the treasure map and put the fake treasure there and were going to see if they could find it again but had forgotten about it.

      Grow Up

      "Grow Up" is the 68th episode from season 3 in MLP:WOF. Solana and the other Cutie Mark Crusaders become tired of be treated like kids. They decide to borrow a book from Zecora, without her permission, to create a potion that would make them older. When nothing happens after they drink the potion, they decide it was a failure and go home. When Solana wakes up, she goes to the mirror and screams when she sees her reflection. The potion was a success as Solana had become an adult mare. Flareon and Twilight are shocked and speechless to find Solana as old as them. Solana then makes up an excuse saying that she had just gotten her growth spurt early. When she meets up with Apple Bloom and the others, they also had become mares. When they arrive at school, Cheerilee doesn't notice that it was them until they told her who they were. During recess, they completely dominated all the games they played as their new adult bodies proved to be unbeatable. The rest of the day they enjoyed all the perks of being adults. But the fun doesn't last long as the next day Solana wakes up, she notices she had aged even more. This time though, she wasn't able to hide the truth anymore, and confessed to Flareon and Twilight about how her and the other Cutie Mark Crusaders had borrowed a book from Zecora, and created a potion to make them older. When Flareon, Twilight, and Solana meet with the other Cutie Mark Crusaders, the same thing had happened to them. They soon decide to go to Zecora and have her make a potion to return the Cutie Mark Crusaders back to normal. At that moment, Solana and the others aged again, this time as senior citizens. Flareon, Twilight, and the others soon rush the Cutie Mark Crusaders to Zecora's hut as fast as possible before they aged to the point of dust. In the end, Zecora manages to create a potion and returns Solana and the others back to normal.

      Bend It Like Flareon

      "Bend It Like Flareon" is the 69th episode from season 3 in MLP:WOF. After watching a soccer game on TV, Solana asks Flareon to teach her how to play soccer. Since Flareon played soccer as a human, it was easy for him to teach Solana how to play. During show and tell at the Ponyville Schoolhouse, Solana shows off her soccer skills, which makes everyone interested in learning how to play too. Flareon is soon asked by everyone from school to teach them how to play soccer. Soon after they decide to have a soccer game in a field near the school. After they split into 2 teams, Solana and Scootaloo being the 2 captains, Flareon decides to coach Solana's team, and Rainbow Dash coach Scootaloo's team. After Scootaloo scores a goal, it ties the game at 2-2 with one minute left in the game. Solana then pulls off some spectacular moves, which Flareon had showed her, and manages to score the winning goal.

      Pets R Us

      "Pets R Us" is the 70th episode from season 3 in MLP:WOF. It all starts one morning in Ponyville. Flareon wakes up and is shocked when he looks at his reflection and sees Chiberatsu. When Flareon tries to talk to Twilight, Owlowiscious is the one who responds. When Chiberatsu and Owlowiscious, as Flareon and Twilight, wake up, both are surprised to see themselves in their owners bodies. When Solana and Spike wake up, both are confused as to why both Chiberatsu and Owlowiscious are both barking and hooting at Flareon and Twilight. Flareon and Twilight then decide to check on the others. Apparently everyone had also switched bodies with their pets. When Solana, Spike, and Apple Bloom finally find out what is going on, they all start laughing. The rest of the episode features Flareon and the others experiencing the life as their pets and their pets experience the life as their owners. Their pets teach Flareon and the others about what they want, like, dislike, love, and hate as pets. In the end, the next day everyone wakes up in their normal bodies.

      Operation: Save Rich's Barnyard Bargains!

      "Operation: Save Rich's Barnyard Bargains!" is the 71st episode from season 3 in MLP:WOF. The Cutie Mark Crusaders find Diamond Tiara talking to her dad in front of Rich's Barnyard Bargains. They overhear that Rich's Barnyard Bargains is in danger of going out of business. At first Apple Bloom is happy at the thought of Diamond Tiara being poor, but soon starts to feel bad for her and decides to help Diamond Tiara instead. When they ask Filthy Rich what they could do to help, he tells them that he previously had a band scheduled to play at a concert that was going to be held in front of his store to help raise money, but the band backed out at the last minute. Apple Bloom then tells Filthy Rich they would find a band to play at the concert. Apple Bloom soon realizes that she doesn't know where they could one, but Solana then tells her that she has an idea. They end up asking Flareon if he could preform at the concert, but instead he tells them to bring the others and meet him at Apple Acres. Twilight and the others find Flareon with a bunch of instruments. Flareon asks them to form a band with him so they could play at the concert. Flareon, Twilight, Solana, and the others practice for 3 days, and manage to finish just in time. They decide to call their band Flareon and the Spitfires. The concert goes better than expected as they help raise more than enough money to help save Rich's Barnyard Bargains. In the end, Apple Bloom and the Cutie Mark Crusaders finally become friends with Diamond Tiara after she thanks them for saving her dad's store.

      Party Hearty

      "Party Hearty" is the 72nd episode from season 3 in MLP:WOF. Flareon, Twilight, and the others have to travel to Canterlot to help Princess Celestia with a task and were going to be gone for the day and would return tomorrow. Flareon and Twilight then leave Spike in charge of babysitting Solana, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle while they are away. After Flareon and the others leave, Scootaloo convinces the Apple Bloom and the others that they should host a party so that they could get party cutie marks. During school they told everyone that they were having a party at Golden Oaks Library. Everyone including Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon were interested and decided to attend the party. Before everyone arrived, Apple Bloom and Solana tie up Spike so that he couldn't send a message to Flareon, Twilight, and the others. The party becomes a huge success as more ponies arrive than expected including DJ Pon-3 and Partay Bash. The fun doesn't last long as they soon receive a message from Twilight saying that they had finished their task early and were coming home tonight. Solana and the others soon rush to get everyone to leave. They then had to clean up everything so that Flareon and the others wouldn't notice what had happened. They also untied Spike and had him promise not to say anything. In the end, Flareon and the others return home and asked Spike if he had any problems. Just as the Cutie Mark Crusaders were about to be in the clear, they heard a knock from the door. Snips and Snails had come back to thank them for a great party and were looking forward to the next one. Solana, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle then were forced to come clean and tell everyone about the party. The next day, Flareon had Applejack host a party at Apple Acres. As punishment for the day before, they had the Cutie Mark Crusaders be servants during the party.

      DJ For A Day

      "DJ For A Day" is the 73rd episode from season 3 in MLP:WOF. DJ Pon-3 was scheduled to preform for a huge crowd at an exclusive club in Ponyville called Retro City, but accidently injures her left front hoof and is unable to play. She asks around to see if anyone can fill in for her, but can't find anyone until she bumps into Flareon. She asks Flareon if he had ever preformed as a DJ. Flareon said as a human he did preform once, but it was a long time ago. She decided that Flareon was the best pony she was going to find at this time. Luckily DJ Pon-3 plans works to perfection as Flareon preforms amazingly at the club and it is counted as a total success as everyone at the club has a great time. It is also shown that Twilight and the others came to the club too. Flareon is seen playing to 2 songs called Party Rock Anthem and Blue Da Ba Dee.

      Ponyville's Got Talent

      "Ponyville's Got Talent" is the 74th episode from season 3 in MLP:WOF. Ponyville is hosting a talent show and the winner gets to preform at Princess Celestia's birthday party in Canterlot. Flareon and the others all decide to enter the talent competition. Flareon plays a song on his guitar, Twilight shows off her magic skills, Rainbow Dash does some aerial maneuvers, Applejack shows off her rodeo skills, Pinkie Pie and her Pinkie Sense, Rarity and her talent for fashion, Fluttershy has her animals do some tricks, and the Cutie Marks Crusaders preform a play. Also included are Spike, Diamond Tiara, Snips and Snails, and DJ Pon-3. In the end, Fluttershy and her animals win most majority of the votes and are seen preforming at Princess Celestia's birthday party.

      Light The Darkness

      "Light The Darkness" is the 75th episode and season 3 finale in MLP:WOF. A darkness soon starts to spread over Equestria. Princess Celestia tells Twilight that this has to be the work of Alexei. Apparently before Alexei was defeated by Flareon, he made it so that if he was ever defeated, his dark will would one day be activated and spread across Equestria until everything was engulfed into total darkness. Princess Celestia then gives Twilight the mission of developing a spell that would destroy the darkness. With the help of Flareon, Rainbow Dash and the others, along with the elements of harmony, Twilight has them all direct their magic towards her to charge her tiara. After it becomes charged to the highest level, Twilight fires a beam of pure light at the darkness which destroys all of it completely. Twilight soon refers to this spell as "The Light of Friendship", a spell that contains the purest of hearts that is able to vanquish darkness. Soon after, Twilight begins to float into the air, and after a flash of light, Twilight is seen with wings. Before Flareon and the other can speak, Princess Celestia tells Twilight because she had accomplish her mission and developed a new spell, she obtained new power which allowed her to become an alicorn. Princess Celestia then hosts an inauguration ceremony in Canterlot Castle presenting Twilight as a princess. During the ceremony Princess Celestia pauses, and says they are missing someone, and turns to Flareon telling him that since Twilight is now a princess, that makes him a prince. Once Flareon joins Twilight on stage, Princess Celestia then announces to everyone that Flareon and Twilight are the new prince and princess of Equestria. After the ceremony, Flareon and Twilight, along with Solana and Spike, are meet by Princess Celestia. She then asks them if they would like to move into Canterlot Castle. In the end, Flareon in agreement with the others, tell Princess Celestia that they would like to continue living in Ponyville. They are then seen returning back to Golden Oaks Library and going to sleep after a long, hard, exhausting day.
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