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      My Little Pony: The Will of Fire season 2 episodes

      Done with organizing season 2, now on to season 3

      Alexei and Discord Return

      The 26th episode and 2 part season 2 opener in MLP:WOF

      "Alexei and Discord Return: Part 1" After Discord breaks free from his seal, he steals the Elements of Harmony, and attempts unseal Alexei. Princess Celestia then tasks Flareon, Twilight, and the others with retrieving the Elements of Harmony, and defeating Discord before he is able to free Alexei. Flareon and the others soon get separated inside the garden maze that contains Alexei's statue. Discord is eventually able to affect Twilight and the others with his magic and then goes after Flareon.

      "Alexei and Discord Return: Part 2" After Twilight and the others break free from Discord's magic, they attempt to find Flareon, who is still inside the garden maze. Flareon is soon affected by Discord's magic and is tricked into unlocking the seal on Alexei's statue. Twilight and the others soon arrive to help, but are too late as Alexei breaks free from his seal. Flareon tries to fight Alexei, but his fire attacks aren't strong enough. Alexei then grabs Flareon and uses his power to knock Flareon out, and tosses him to the ground. Twilight and the others attempt to use the Elements of Harmony on Alexei, but they have no affect on him. Alexei and Discord then manage to escape. Twilight and the others soon rush Flareon to the Ponyville Hospital. During Flareon's dream, he meets "The Creator", a black and white alicorn named Infinity. She tells Flareon that he will soon be faced with difficult trials, and that he will obtain new powers. After she disappears, Flareon awakens to Princess Celestia, Twilight, and the others. Flareon tries to apologize letting Discord trick him into freeing Alexei, but is soon told that it wasn't his fault, and that they would help him stop Alexei and Discord.

      A Princess is Born

      "A Princess is Born" is the 27th episode from season 2 in MLP:WOF. Twilight begins to go into labor. Flareon finds a cart, and after putting Twilight on it, tells Spike to notify Princess Celestia, and then rushes Twilight to the Ponyville Hospital as fast as possible. Soon after, Twilight gives birth to a white, female alicorn. Flareon and Twilight then agree on naming her Solana. Solana then smiles as to agreement with the name. Her horn begins to shine, lifting Flareon into the air, and then slams him into the ceiling. Flareon then falls back down, and slightly dazed, simply replies "that's my girl". Princess Celestia tells Flareon and Twilight that even as a baby, Solana possesses very powerful magic. Rainbow Dash, along with the others and Spike, congratulate Flareon and Twilight on the arrival of their daughter. Flareon is seen staying with Twilight at the hospital for 3 days while she recovers. As they leave the hospital, they are greeted with presents from everyone in Ponyville, including a crib, carrier, and stroller. With presents in tow, Flareon, Twilight, and Spike, along with Solana, return back home.

      Shadow Shootout

      "Shadow Shootout" is the 28th episode from season 2 in MLP:WOF. This episode marks the first challenge sent by Alexei and the first time Flareon's fire element magic is put to the test. Alexei sends two types of shadow dragons to attack Ponyville, small fast-moving types and big strong defense types. Flareon uses small rapid fire shots to defeat the fast agile types and uses big powerful shots to defeat the defense types. When both types attack at the same time, Flareon is forced to uses both techniques continuously. In the end, Flareon is able to defeat all the shadow ponies and save Ponyville.

      No Fun in Funland

      "No Fun in Funland" is the 29th episode from season 2 in MLP:WOF. Flareon, Twilight, Rarity, Applejack along with Winona, are sent by Princess Celestia to investigate strange occurrences at a new amusement park called Funland, which people have noticed the lights had come on and the rides started operating even though it wasn't meant to open for another week.

      The Babysitter

      "The Babysitter" is the 30th episode from season 2 in MLP:WOF. Twilight and Spike are sent on an errand to Fillydelphia and will be gone for the weekend. Flareon is then tasked with babysitting Solana while they are away. For a while things are going smoothly. Later on though, Flareon falls asleep for a few minutes and when he wakes up, he finds Solana is missing. Flareon then rushes to find Solana before Twilight returns.

      A Train to Stop

      "A Train to Stop" is the 31st episode from season 2 in MLP:WOF. Discord causes a train carrying unstable magic to go out of control. Princess Celestia sends Flareon and Twilight to stop the train before it crashes into Ponyville. Since Flareon and Twilight are unable to use magic due to the chance that it might react with the unstable magic, which could result in an explosion, they are forced to stop the train manually. In the end, they are able to stop the train saving Ponyville.

      The Elemental Warriors

      "The Elemental Warriors" is the 32nd episode from season 2 in MLP:WOF. During one stormy night, Flareon is seen reading a book he received from Princess Celestia. It is about the history of the Elemental Warriors. Soon after, a lightning bolt strikes near the house, which startles Flareon, and he accidently shots fire at the book. Instead of burning it, the book begins to glow, and before Flareon has time to react, he is absorbed into it. This episode is about Flareon going back in time and meeting his ancestor Nova and the Elemental Warriors during the Dark Ages 10,000 years ago. He also meets Princess Estellise, the first princess of Equestria. When Flareon tells Estellise about the ancient prophecy, she doesn't know what that is. Flareon then discovers that he is actually that one that made the ancient prophecy. He then has Princess Estellise record the prophecy into 5 stone tablets which eventually are shown to Flareon by Princess Celestia in the future. Flareon and the Elemental Warriors also learn about of the Hexagon Seal Formation from an old book Princess Estellise had found. Flareon has Princess Estellise moved the content of the book into a newer book just in case he needs it in the future, which he eventually does. Later on, The Elemental Warriors use the Hexagon Seal Formation to seal Discord and Alexei and turn them into statues. After they seal Alexei, Flareon begins to glow. Flareon then says his goodbyes to Nova and the Elemental Warriors and returns back home.

      The Pony Who Cried Robot

      "The Pony Who Cried Robot" is the 33rd episode from season 2 in MLP:WOF. One day in Ponyville, everyone awakens to find a package in front of their house. The box contains a pony robot that once activated, does whatever they are asked. Instantly Ponyville is overrun with robots as everyone embraces their new assistants. Unfortunately, Flareon doesn't trust the robots as he sees them as a trap that Discord must have set. Flareon, with the help of Spike, tries to warn everyone that the robots aren't safe and they need to be destroyed, but no one listens. When Flareon returns home, he finds their robot giving Spike a massage, and realizes that he is the only one that can stop this before it's too late. Flareon goes to the town square and once again tries to explain that the robots are a trap sent by Discord, but they tell him that he is just jealous and shrug him off. Flareon then decides he has had enough and flies off. Not long after Flareon flies away, the robots started go berserk. The robots were indeed a trap sent by Discord. Discord knew Flareon wouldn't trust the robots and programed them to go berserk once they sensed that Flareon was gone. Twilight and the others rush to find Flareon before Ponyville was completely overtaken by the robots. They find Flareon resting in a tree and try to convince him to help stop the robots. Flareon tells them that they should have listened and they were getting what they deserved, but once they apologize, Flareon forgives them. In the end, Flareon is able to destroy all the robots and everything returns back to normal.

      Here Comes the Boom

      "Here Comes the Boom" is the 34th episode from season 2 in MLP:WOF. Flareon takes down a pony that got mad and went out of control in the town square. Soon after, the president of the UPFC (Ultimate Pony Fighting Championship) Ben Buster tells Flareon that he had just beaten a past champion of the UPFC, and asks Flareon if he would like to join. The rest of the episode features Flareon competing as a fighter in the UPFC and eventually leads his title match against the 5-time defending champion Trent "The Tyrant" Mudd.

      Future Shock

      "Future Shock" is the 35th episode from season 2 in MLP:WOF. It all starts one day when Future Twilight appears before Twilight. As Twilight was in awe of her future self, Flareon walks into the room. Before Flareon and Twilight can react, Future Twilight attacks Flareon saying that he needed to die and was about to use her magic to kill Flareon. Twilight then used her magic and was able to hit Future Twilight's attack before it hit Flareon. After the smoke appeared, a giant gapping hole soon appeared near Flareon. Future Twilight started to yell at Twilight and before she could turn around, Flareon tackled Future Twilight and pinned her to the ground. Flareon then told Future Twilight that he would let her go when she had calmed down. Twilight told her future self what happened to her and why she had tried to kill Flareon. Future Twilight then told them about what happens in the future. In the future, Flareon ends up facing his dark self that Alexei had manifested, Dark Flareon. In a tough battle, Flareon eventually losses to Dark Flareon. Dark Flareon then uses his magic and absorbs Flareon into him. Alexei soon appears next to Dark Flareon and congratulates him on his victory and that they would take over and rule Equestria together. Before Alexei is able to notice, Dark Flareon then uses his magic on Alexei and attempts to absorb him. As Alexi is getting absorbed into Dark Flareon, he asks why Dark Flareon betrayed him. Dark Flareon then replies that Equestria isn't big enough to the both of them to rule over and that he didn't need Alexei around anymore. After Dark Flareon absorbs Alexei, he takes control of Alexei's army, and announces to all the residents of Ponyville that Equestria has a new ruler. He then tells everyone that he from now on will be known as Destro. Future Twilight says she was the person who formed the Rebel Alliance with everyone that fights against Destro and his army of Shadow Dragons. When Flareon asks what happens to Solana, Future Twilight begins to cry. In the future, Solana eventually becomes a princess and takes over Twilight's position as the leader of the Rebel Alliance. One day, Future Twilight finds Destro and tries to kill him by herself. Destro is able to easily defeat Future Twilight. Destro then tells Future Twilight that he would let her and everyone else live if they swore their allegiance to him and to disband the Rebel Alliance. When Future Twilight refuses, Destro then begins to charge up his magic and attempt to try to kill Future Twilight. Princess Solana soon appears in front of Future Twilight and tries to speak to Destro. She tells him that she still sensed the light of hope within him and begged him to stop. Destro completely ignores Solana's plea and before Future Twilight can react, Destro kills Solana. Flareon then interrupts and yells that can't happen, and that Future Twilight has to be lying. When Future Twilight lowers her head and looks away. Flareon runs out of the house and right through everyone that was attempting to visit. When everyone see 2 Twilights, they are completely confused, and once again, Future Twilight has to explain. After she is done explaining, Solana then says that just because that is the future, it doesn't mean it can't be changed, and to give up now was meaningless. They soon agree to find Flareon. Flareon is seen attempting to runaway, but before he does, everyone appears before him. Flareon then says that the only way to prevent that future from happening, he has to leave Ponyville forever. Twilight and Solana eventually convince Flareon that giving up now won't solve anything and soon promise Future Twilight that they will find a way eventually to fix the future. Future Twilight begins to disappear and says that her time in the present had run out and before she disappears, says to everyone that she trusts in them that they will be able to save the future.

      Shadow Overdrive

      "Shadow Overdrive" is the 36th episode from season 2 in MLP:WOF. Alexei decides to resurrect Maximus, a black dragon that can multiply and create 100 clones of himself and orders him to attack Ponyville. Flareon is then seen battling Maximus, but is unable to defeat him. When Flareon defeats some of Maximus's clones, Maximus then creates clones to equal the ones he lost. Flareon figures out that he has to defeat all 100 Maximus clones at the same time. Flareon then remembers something Rainbow Dash had done once. She could create a tornado by flying from the ground and going upwards in a circle at high speed. Flareon then cloaks himself in fire and is able to make a tornado of fire called the Fire Tornado. As all the Maximus clones are attempting to attack him, Flareon then kicks the tornado towards Maximus and it is able to hit all 100 clones at the same time. In the end, Flareon manages to defeat Maximus and save Ponyville once again.


      "Lovestruck" is the 37th episode from season 2 in MLP:WOF. After falling in love with a blue pegasus named Blue Thunder, Rainbow Dash asks Flareon for dating advice. Rainbow Dash and Blue Thunder soon begin dating. Things soon take a turn for the worst when it is revealed Blue Thunder is working with Alexei and kidnaps Rainbow Dash in order to gain ultimate power. Flareon manages to find Rainbow Dash just in time, and is soon faced against some shadow dragons. After defeating them, Flareon then has to battle against Blue Thunder, who after putting on the crown of power, becomes Black Thunder due to the overwhelming dark power of the crown. Black Thunder soon proves to be too strong for Flareon to handle, but after freeing Rainbow Dash, they both work together to destroy Black Thunder's crown and return him back to normal. In the end, Rainbow Dash decides to let Blue Thunder escape instead of turning him over to Princess Celestia.

      Game On

      "Game On" is the 38th episode from season 2 in MLP:WOF. It all begins one day when Discord appears in Ponyville saying he has left Alexei, given up his evil ways, and is willing to face the consequences of his actions. Before Flareon, Twilight, and the others can react, Discord activates a trap they were standing on. When they awaken they find themselves in a dungeon and letters begin appear in front of them saying "Discord's Delightful Dungeon". Discord then appears in front of them saying that he trapped them inside a game world where he has total control of everything and the only way to escape is for them to finish the game. After he leaves letters appear before them saying "Start". Throughout the episode, Flareon and the others go through an RPG-style game where they complete puzzles, battle monsters, endure traps, all while fighting like characters in an RPG game. When they go into the final room, Discord summons a giant dragon, which they eventually are able to defeat. Flareon and the others then have to battle Discord, who announces himself as the final boss. In the end, they are able to defeat Discord and return back home, but before they can capture Discord, he gets away.


      "Datenapped" is the 39th episode from season 2 in MLP:WOF. Flareon decides to take Twilight out to a romantic dinner to celebrate their 1 year wedding anniversary. At first things are going great, but then Grim along with his minions show up, and knock Flareon unconscious. When Flareon wakes up, he finds Twilight is gone. After regrouping with the others, they try to figure out where Grim could have taken her. Soon after they receive a message from Grim saying that he wanted the Elements of Harmony in exchange for Twilight. In the end, Flareon manages to defeat Grim with his new technique, the Fire Shuriken, and rescue Twilight.

      Sonic Supernova Rainbow Cannon

      "Sonic Supernova Rainbow Cannon" is the 40th episode from season 2 in MLP:WOF. To celebrate Solana's 1st birthday, Twilight asks Flareon and Rainbow Dash if one of them could preform their signature move during the birthday party for Solana. Chaos soon erupts as Flareon and Rainbow Dash constantly argue as to who will preform their move. In the end, neither can come to an agreement, but then Applejack suggests if it could be possible for them to both preform their moves at the same time. Hit with an idea, Flareon suggests to Rainbow Dash that they both preform their moves together. The problem is that they would have to break the sound barrier at the exact same time or it wouldn't work. Luckily, Flareon's plan works to perfection. At the end of the episode, after they both break the sound barrier, a small rainbow star appears in the sky, and after it explodes, it showers the party area with small rainbow snowflake stars which makes Solana overjoyed. Flareon and Rainbow Dash soon refer to their new combined move as the "Sonic Supernova Rainbow Cannon".

      True Friends are Best Friends

      "True Friends are Best Friends" is the 41st episode from season 2 in MLP:WOF. Solana goes to school for the first time. After Solana introducers herself, she instantly becomes very popular, and gets the attention of Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. After school, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle try to talk to Solana, but Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon get to Solana first. Right away Diamond Tiara tells Solana that since she already has her cutie mark, she shouldn't be friends with blank-blanks. Solana then decides to be friends with Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. It doesn't take long before Diamond Tiara's rotten attitude starts to rub off on Solana. Flareon notices Solana's change in attitude and tries to tell Solana that she shouldn't be around Diamond Tiara because she is a bad example, but Solana doesn't listen. The next day, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon take Solana to the Everfree Forest to pick some flowers, but are soon attacked by a wolf. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon run away. Solana tries to run away too, but the wolf blocks her from leaving. Once Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon leave the forest, they run into the Cutie Mark Crusaders. When Apple Bloom asks what happened, Silver Spoon tells them that they were attacked by a wolf in the Everfree Forest. When Scootaloo asks where Solana is, Diamond Tiara tells them that she is still in the forest. Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo rush into the Everfree Forest and manage to fend off the wolf long enough to help Solana escape. Diamond Tiara tries to lie to Solana saying that she was going to help her, but Solana tells her that she finally understands what true friends are, and decides to be friends with Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo instead. In the end, even though she already has her cutie mark, Solana is introduced as the 4th member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

      Enemies with Benefits

      "Enemies with Benefits" is the 42nd episode from season 2 in MLP:WOF. Flareon attempts to deliver a scroll to Princess Celestia. A thunderstorm starts to appear and Flareon rushes to deliver the scroll. Soon after he is hit by a thunderbolt, which activates the scroll, and sends Flareon to another dimension. Flareon soon learns that the scroll he was carrying was a dimension scroll. In this dimension, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna's destines were swapped with Alexei and Discord's. After Luna broke free from her seal, she then tricked Flareon into unlocking the seal on Celestia's statue. Celestia and Luna with their army of shadow ponies take over Canterlot and have King Alexi and Discord exiled and have Flareon locked in the Canterlot dungeon. Celestia and Luna both take on the name of princess and force the residents of Ponyville into slave labor. Flareon is then forced to ask Alexi and Discord for help to break into Canterlot and retrieve the dimension scroll so Flareon could return back home. After Flareon frees Twilight and the others they agree to help him. Flareon along with Twilight, Alexei, Discord, and the others, begin their assault on Canterlot. In the end, Flareon manages to get the dimension scroll and return back home.

      Think Like a Stallion

      "Think Like a Stallion" is the 43rd episode from season 2 in MLP:WOF. After being pranked by Twilight and the others during April Fool's Day, Flareon decides to get some payback. During Lunch, Flareon mixes in a gender change potion into everyone's drinks, including Spike, which swaps their genders. Twilight and the others become stallions, while Spike become a female dragon. Throughout the rest of the day, Twilight and the others spend the day as the opposite gender. In the end, they return back to normal and then trick Flareon into drinking the last of the gender change potion which turns him into Flarena.

      Clones of My Own

      "Clones of My Own" is the 44th episode from season 2 in MLP:WOF. Flareon decides to clone himself after being given a seemingly bottomless list of chores. At first things go well as Flareon relaxes while the clones take care of the chores, but it doesn't take long before the clones start to rebel and go out of control. Similar to the episodes Party of One and Lesson Zero for Pinkie Pie and Twilight, Clones of My Own features Flareon breaking down mentally to the point of insanity. In the end, Flareon isn't able to hide the fact he cloned himself and has to ask everyone for help to get rid of the clones.

      Ice Breakers

      "Ice Breakers" is the 45th episode from season 2 in MLP:WOF. After watching a hockey game on TV, Twilight asks Flareon to teach her how to play hockey. Rainbow Dash and Applejack, followed by Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Spike, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders, see him teaching Twilight how to play hockey and ask him if he could teach them too. Soon Flareon is seen teaching everyone how to play. After a few days of practice, Flareon and Rainbow Dash once again decide to have everyone split into 2 teams and play an exhibition game against each other. Flareon's team would be called the Red Barons and Rainbow Dash's team would be called the Blue Blazers. Flareon decides to pick Twilight, Solana, Spike, Fluttershy, and Applejack for his team. Rainbow Dash decides to pick Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Scootaloo, Apple Bloom, and Sweetie Belle for her team. Rainbow Dash's team is seen leading 1-0 through the 1st period, and at the end of the 2nd period, lead the Red Barons 3-0. As hope seems almost lost, Twilight gives a huge moral boosting speech with lifts everyone's spirits. In the 3rd period, The Red Barons take complete control of the game as they soon score to 2 goals to make the score 2-3. Later on Flareon scores a goal to tie the game at 3-3. Then with 15 seconds left in the game, Flareon passes the puck to Twilight and she manages to score the winning goal as the Red Barons defeat the Blue Blazers 4-3.

      Strike It Perfect

      "Strike It Perfect" is the 46th episode from season 2 in MLP:WOF. Flareon starts to become obsessed with bowling a perfect 300. After a couple days, he gets very close a couple times. Meanwhile, the Ponyville Schoolhouse is set to host a play in Canterlot, with Solana as the lead actress. Twilight tells Flareon that she is worried that he is going miss the play because of his obsession with bowling a 300, but Flareon shrugs her off. During the day of the play, Flareon is seen at the bowling alley. With the 10th set left, Flareon can feel that the 300 game is in his reach, but soon looks at the clock as sees that the play is set to start in 1 minute. Flareon is then faced with a difficult choice, he could either bowl a 300 and miss Solana's play, or go to Solana's play and miss the best chance he ever had of bowling a perfect 300. In the end, Flareon chooses to go to Solana's play instead of obtaining a personal achievement.

      Pizza for You

      "Pizza for You" is the 47th episode from season 2 in MLP:WOF. The Cutie Mark Crusaders decide to open a pizza stand to sell and deliver pizza so they could get their pizza making and delivering cutie marks. Unfortunately, Diamond Tiara along with Silver Spoon open a pizza stand directly across from them which prompts a pizza war. Each side constantly alters their ingredients and offers new and better deals in order to get an edge. In the end, both the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Diamond Tiara accidently combine bad ingredients together and whoever eats the pizza they sold gets sick which forces both stands to close.

      Flareon's On Fire

      "Flareon's On Fire" is the 48th episode from season 2 in MLP:WOF. Alexei, with all his power nearly regained, decides to resurrect his most powerful dragon in his army, a black 3-headed dragon named Draco. Soon after, Draco appears near Ponyville. Flareon soon rushes to confront Draco, and the battle begins. Flareon uses all his techniques in his arsenal, including the Fire Shuriken, but unfortunately nothing seems to affect Draco. Flareon then decides his moves aren't strong enough, and that he needs to get stronger right now. Fire begins to emit from Flareon and engulfs him in a ball of fire. As the fire decipitates, Flareon is seen taller, with a lager horn, wings, and a body that is completely made out of fire. Draco, sensing Flareon's power, attempts to fire an attack from all 3 of its heads at the same time at Flareon. As the smoke clears, Flareon is seen unfazed by the attack. Flareon then fires a Fire Shuriken at Draco, which in his new form, becomes even more powerful. The powered-up Fire Shuriken manages to defeat Draco and Flareon is able to complete the final challenge sent by Alexei. Flareon then returns back to his normal form and soon refers to his new power as "Flame God mode".

      Toddler Trouble

      "Toddler Trouble" is the 49th episode from season 2 in MLP:WOF. Rarity is tricked into buying a cursed amulet from Discord, who is disguised as a traveling salesman. Rarity then goes to Golden Oaks Library, where Flareon and Twilight are having Princess Celestia and Luna, along with the others over for lunch. Flareon then decides to help Princess Luna with preparing the food. Meanwhile, Rarity is showing everyone the new amulet she has just bought. Soon after, the amulet begins to glow and Twilight along with the others, including Princess Celestia, become affected by the amulet's curse and turn into babies. Flareon walks into the room and soon calls for Luna. Spike and Solana soon are seen walking into the house and see the chaos that has ensued. They immediately leave not wanting to have anything to do with what has happened. Flareon and Luna find the amulet Rarity was wearing was on the floor and decided to find out what kind of amulet it was from a book in the library. They find out that the amulet is called the "Amulet of Chaos". It is an amulet that was made by Discord to cause chaos. It takes 24 hours for the curse to wear off. Flareon and Luna were then forced to take care of everyone for a day until Twilight and everyone turned back to normal.

      The Tragic Cost of Victory

      "The Tragic Cost of Victory" is 50th episode and 2 part season 2 finale in MLP:WOF. The war against Alexei soon begins. Princess Celestia's royal guards along with Shining Armor battle Alexei's army of shadow dragons, Twilight and the others end up having a rematch against Discord, and Flareon finally gets to battle against Alexei. Flareon in Flame God mode uses every move at his disposal to try and defeat Alexei, but in the end it is not enough as Alexei hits Flareon with his Shadow Hyper Beam which sends Flareon crashing into the ground. Princess Celestia then intervenes and unleashes her ultimate attack the Eternal Heaven Vortex Beam on Alexei. Alexei takes serious damage from the attack, but before she can deliver another one Alexei grabs hold of her and completely drains her power and is healed of all damage he sustained so far. As Princess Celestia is thrown to the ground, Flareon almost gives up hope as to whether it is possible to defeat Alexei. After Twilight and the others use the Elements of Harmony to preform the Hexagon Seal Formation to seal Discord they find Flareon who looks like he has given up. Twilight ends up giving a speech to Flareon saying that everyone believes in him and they know that he isn't the type of person to give up in a situation like this. Flareon then figures out a plan to defeat Alexei. The only way to defeat Alexei is if he could do the Supernova Cannon inside Alexei's mouth while Alexei is using his Shadow Hyper Beam and the mixture of those 2 moves would be enough to cause a chain reaction inside of Alexei. But the downside would be that Flareon wouldn't survive the explosion. At first Twilight and Solana are completely against the idea, but Flareon is able to convince them that this was his destiny and he wants everyone to be safe and finally live in peace. Flareon then goes back into Flame God mode and flies directly at Alexei at full speed. Alexei uses his Shadow Hyper Beam on Flareon, but Flareon is able to sustain his path and when he reaches the inside of Alexei's mouth he unleashes the Supernova cannon, which in Flame God mode, it becomes a more powerful version, the Big Bang Cannon. Alexei's body begins to break down due to the overwhelming reaction to the 2 moves, and in almost no time Alexei explodes and due to the effect of Big Bang Cannon, different planet-shaped stars one after another explode like fireworks in the sky and shower the entire town with small white snowflake stars.
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