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      My Little Pony: The Will of Fire season 1 episodes

      Well here it is, the 1st 25 episodes for season 1 in MLP:WOF. Took me a while to organize them, but I finally managed to finish. Now on to season 2.

      The Chosen One

      The 1st episode and 2 part season 1 opener in MLP:WOF

      "The Chosen One: Part 1" is about how Flareon, a human that died one day, awoke in Equestria, and after meeting a purple unicorn named Twilight Sparkle and her friends, he had her take him to Canterlot to meet the princess of Equestria, Princess Celestia, where he learned of a prophecy saying he was the "chosen one" and was soon given the name Flareon.

      "The Chosen One: Part 2" is about how after Flareon learned that he was the "chosen one", he had to pick between Twilight and the others to marry due to a part of the prophecy saying that "the chosen one must choose a pony to marry that possesses one of the elements of harmony that in part will bear the new future princess of Equestria." The rest of the episode features Flareon visiting Twilight and the others to decide who he wanted to marry. Near the end of the episode, Flareon chooses Twilight and at the end of the episode it features Canterlot hosting the wedding for Flareon and Twilight.

      Help Yourself

      "Help Yourself" is the 2nd episode from season 1 in MLP:WOF. During flying lessons with Rainbow Dash, Flareon ends up crashing and hurts both wings, his left leg, and right arm, and has to be pushed around in a wheelchair by Twilight. The doctor tells Flareon that his recovery time is about one week. Due to his injuries, Flareon needs assistance with everything, but he constantly replies that he doesn't need help, and tries to do things by himself. At one instance during the night, Flareon needs to go upstairs to go to sleep. Twilight tries to help Flareon, but he refuses her help, and attempts to climb the stairs with one arm and leg. Soon after, Twilight tells Flareon to stop being so stubborn and accept help when it is given to him. Eventually Flareon swallows his pride and finally accepts help. In the end, Flareon eventually manages to recover from his injuries.

      Too Close for Comfort

      "Too Close for Comfort" is the 3rd episode from season 1 in MLP:WOF. Ponyville is hit buy a huge blizzard storm which forces Flareon, Twilight, along with the others to live in the same house together until the storm passes. They soon become annoyed with one another and before long they drive each other crazy.

      Brain Be Gone

      "Brain Be Gone" is the 4th episode from season 1 in MLP:WOF. Twilight becomes discouraged when she tries to help Flareon and the others with their tasks and is told to go away when she tries to help them using her intelligence. She starts to feel she is too smart and thinks it is annoying to everyone. Twilight then decides to make a contraption called the IQ Modifier 2000. She has Spike set it to "Normal" and activates it. Something goes wrong as the contraption malfunctions and the needle goes to "Low". When Spike tries to talk to Twilight she responds "Hi purple lizard". The rest of the episode features how Flareon and the others experienced having a low IQ Twilight around. They soon realize that they must have been the reason why Twilight lowered her IQ. Soon after, Twilight accidently stumbles into the Everfree Forest where she agitates a wild animal that begins to attack her. Flareon manages to save Twilight just in time. In the end, Flareon manages to fix the IQ Modifier 2000 and returns Twilight back to normal.

      The Break-Up?

      "The Break-Up?" is the 5th episode from season 1 in MLP:WOF. It all starts when Flareon gets asked for an interview by Candice Parker, a beautiful female reporter from the Ponyville Chronicle. After seeing how Flareon looked and talked to her, Twilight started to concerned about leaving Flareon alone with Candice, but decides that she was overthinking the situation, and she said was fine with it. Flareon accepts the interview with Candice, and they decide to have it during lunch at one of the restaurants. Soon after though, Twilight starts to get doubts and starts to think of the worst possibilities that could happen between Flareon and Candice, and then decides to check up on them. The interview at that point is going great, but then Candice accidently starts to choke on the food she was eating and falls off her chair which forces Flareon to give her mouth to mouth resuscitation. At that exact moment though, Twilight witnesses Flareon seemingly kissing Candice, and prompts Twilight to runaway in tears. After Flareon saves Candice, she thanks him for saving her, and then leaves to put their interview in the paper. When Flareon returns home, he notices the front door is locked, and calls for Twilight. Twilight opens a window on the second floor with swollen eyes as if she had been crying for sometime. When Flareon asks her what was wrong, she told him to go ask his new girlfriend. Flareon then tries to asks her what she was talking about, but Twilight simply throws a pillow out the window towards Flareon. Twilight then slams the window shut and turns off the lights. Flareon is then forced to sleep somewhere else for the night. He goes to Applejack's farm and she agrees to let Flareon stay the night in the barn. The rest of the episode Flareon spends the time trying to get Twilight to let him explain. At one scene, Flareon is seen standing outside their house, holding a stereo above his head playing the song "In Your Eyes." Twilight is seen opening the window, but immediately uses her magic to lift the stereo up high and then slams the stereo down on Flareon's head breaking it in half. Flareon at wit's end, tells Twilight that if she just could give him one more chance, to meet him at the park in an hour. Twilight reluctantly decides to go to the park and soon sees Flareon with Candice. As Twilight starts to go back home, Flareon with Candice rush over to stop her. He tells Twilight if she won't listen to him, to instead listen to Candice. Candice then tells Twilight that it all was a huge misunderstanding, and said Flareon wasn't kissing her, he was saving her life after she had starting chocking. Flareon then says that Twilight is the only pony for him, and that no one in Equestria could rival her beauty and personality. Twilight completely embarrassed, apologizes to Flareon, and promises to never doubt him ever again.

      The Red Machine

      "The Red Machine" is the 6th episode from season 1 in MLP:WOF. After weeks gathering parts, Flareon is finally able to build the car he once owned when he was a human, a red convertible 2003 Ford Mustang GT. Instead of gasoline and oil, Flareon tuned his Mustang to run on water and apple cider. For a while things are going great as Flareon is seen taking everyone for rides around Ponyville. Flareon even gets to have a drag race against Rainbow Dash, which ends with Flareon winning. Soon after though, Flareon starts to become obsessed with his Mustang, and spends countless days and nights in the garage tuning his car. Twilight and the others soon agree that Flareon is becoming too obsessed with his car and has to drag Flareon to the spa to force him too relax. Unfortunately, they forgot about Pinkie Pie, and Flareon starts to fear for the worst. Flareon's nightmare soon comes true as he sees Pinkie Pie diving his Mustang recklessly, and before long she crashes into a building causes an explosion. In the end, Flareon puts a up a tombstone near the Golden Oaks Library reading "R.I.P. Mustang GT".

      Dare to Mare

      "Dare to Mare" is the 7th episode from season 1 in MLP:WOF. Flareon decides to try and make a potion to boost his masculinity. Something goes wrong and instead of making Flareon more masculine, it turns him into a mare. When Twilight and Spike come into the room, they both start laughing. Soon after, Spike gives Flareon the nickname "Flarena". Twilight soon gets started on making a potion to change Flarena back to Flareon. This episode features Flareon experiencing the life as a mare. In the end, Twilight manages to change Flareon back to normal.

      I Spy

      "I Spy" is the 8th episode from season 1 in MLP:WOF. After accidently getting mistaken for someone else, Flareon is recruited into a secret organization called the Agency of Spies, that have the mission of protecting Equestria. Not even Princess Celestia knows of the existence of this organization. Flareon is then partnered with a green earth pony named Zoey and tasked with the mission of capturing a black pegasus named Mundus.

      Braggers Never Win

      "Braggers Never Win" is the 9th episode from season 1 in MLP:WOF. After Rainbow Dash's constant bragging about being the "Fastest Flyer" in Equestria, Flareon decides to challenge Rainbow Dash to a race around Equestria to silence her boasting. Rainbow Dash soon becomes worried of losing to Flareon, and decides to do anything in order to win. Throughout the whole race, Rainbow Dash constantly tries to sabotage Flareon. Near the end of the race, Rainbow Dash switches the direction of the last checkpoint sign, pointing it in the direction of the Caustic Caverns. Flareon soon flies in that direction and later on Rainbow Dash crosses the finish line. Applejack asks Rainbow Dash what happened to Flareon. Fluttershy then says that hopefully he didn't' accidently go into the Caustic Caverns where the dreaded Devil Serpent lives. Rainbow Dash realizing that Flareon might be in trouble, confesses that she switched the last checkpoint sign sending Flareon in the direction of the Caustic Caverns. Twilight and the others soon rush to save Flareon. Soon after, they find the Devil Serpent holding Flareon in one of its claws preparing to inject Flareon with poison. Rainbow Dash then preforms a Sonic Rainboom, which blinds the Devil Serpent long enough for it to release Flareon, and help them all escape. After returning to Ponyville, Rainbow Dash apologizes to Flareon and tells him that throughout the whole race she had tried to sabotage him. Rainbow Dash then disqualifies herself and tries gives the win to Flareon, but he tells her to just forget about the entire thing and has Rainbow Dash promise to stop her bragging.

      Seeing Pink

      "Seeing Pink" is the 10th episode from season 1 in MLP:WOF. Pinkie Pie wants to go to a party convention that is taking place in a town far away, but doesn't want to go alone. Pinkie Pie asks the others if they want to go with her, but everyone she asks is unable to go. Twilight suggests Flareon go with her since he is the only one who isn't busy. Flareon tries to get out of going, but he isn't able to think up a good enough excuse. After Flareon boards the train, he asks Pinkie Pie how long they will be gone. Flareon is shocked to learn that he will be traveling with her for an entire week. It doesn't take long before Pinkie Pie starts to drive Flareon crazy.


      "Charmed" is the 11th episode from season 1 in MLP:WOF. Flareon, Twilight, and the others meet a light blue pegasus named Bora. Bora tells them he is a lone traveler that travels from town to town constantly because he doesn't like staying in one place. Bora's charm soon captivates Twilight and the others which makes Flareon become jealous with envy. Flareon constantly tries to out preform Bora, but unfortunately he is constantly defeated again and again. Twilight soon becomes tired of Flareon's attitude and asks him to leave Bora alone. Flareon instead decides to tail Bora to find out if he is as great as everyone thinks he is. It turns out that Bora is a famous marauder and one of the most wanted criminals in Equestria. Bora can be seen going to everyone's house with a brown sack and steals all their valuables. Flareon eventually is able to catch Bora is the act before he attempts to leave Ponyville. Soon after, Bora is arrested and sent to Prison Island, where the most wanted criminals in Equestria are held.

      Smarty Pie

      "Smarty Pie" is the 12th episode from season 1 in MLP:WOF. Flareon decides to boost Pinkie Pie's intelligence using strong electromagnetic pulses. Flareon's plan works to perfection as her intelligence level becomes that of a brilliant professor. Things soon go downhill as Pinkie Pie starts to come off as a snob and belittles everything she finds inferior to her intelligence. It doesn't take long before Twilight and the others force Flareon to change Pinkie Pie back to normal.

      Mine Your Own Business

      "Mine Your Own Business" is the 13th episode from season 1 in MLP:WOF. After finishing an errand Princess Celestia sent them on, Flareon, Twilight, Rarity, Applejack along with Winona get lost thanks to Flareon's bad navigation, and wind up in an old west ghost town, Gold City, on a stormy night. They check into a guest ranch whose owner, Timid Tom, is delighted to see them; it seems that he's had no guests for quite some time. When Flareon and the others wonder about this, Tom's assistant, Hank, explains that it's on account of the "Miner Forty-Niner", the ghost of an old prospector who haunts the local mine searching for the last vein of gold. With nothing else to do, they head into Gold City to investigate.

      Flu by You

      "Flu by You" is the 14th episode from season 1 in MLP:WOF. Ponyville is hit by the Ponyflux, a sickness similar to the flu, which ends up infecting almost everyone in Ponyville. Flareon was lucky enough to avoid catching it. Unfortunately, since a lot of ponies were infected, the hospital had reached max capacity, and Twilight and the others had to stay at Golden Oaks Library where Flareon had to take care of everyone until they recovered. Twilight and the others eventually recover, but since they had gotten used to Flareon taking care of them, they decided to act like they were still sick. Eventually Flareon finds out that they weren't sick anymore and that they had been taking advantage of him. In the end, they apologize to Flareon, which is perfect timing, as Flareon soon falls ill. It turns out that Flareon did get the Ponyflux. It just had taken longer for it to affect him. Twilight and the others are then forced to take care of Flareon.

      Tuned In

      "Tuned In" is the 15th episode from season 1 in MLP:WOF. Flareon decides to make a device called the Interdimensional Electromagnetic Receiver (I.E.W.R), which would enable him to watch human TV shows. After the success of the first one he made, he decided to make more I.E.W.R and attach them to more TVs, which he had also made. Before long everyone in Equestria had a TV and Flareon was forced to make an Ultra Interdimensional Electromagnetic Receiver (U.I.E.W.R), a giant version of his I.E.W.R similar to a radio tower, so that it could receive and send the TV waves to the TVs and their I.E.W.R throughout Equestria. Flareon though soon realized he had made a huge mistake. Everyone in Equestria soon became so addicted to their TV that they refused to leave their house, resulting in Ponyville becoming a ghost town overrun with weeds, animals, too many clouds resulting in heavy fog, and the outside of building and shops became weathered and run down. Flareon soon decided that he had to find Princess Celestia for help, but when he got to Canterlot Castle, the guards were nowhere to be seen, and it was abandoned and desolate similar to Ponyville. When he finally found Princess Celestia, she was watching TV with Princess Luna and when he tried to talk to them they acted like he wasn't even there. Flareon then decided he had to end this and fix his mistake. Flareon then flew to where the U.I.E.W.R was and shot fire at the base of it which resulted in it falling down and breaking and every I.E.W.R in Equestria stopped working. When everyone came out of their houses, they started to yell at Flareon to fix their TVs, but Flareon told them he was sorry for bringing TV into this world at told them they clearly weren't able to handle it yet. Applejack simply replies that Flareon was overreacting and that they were only watching TV for a couple hours, but Flareon soon replied that it actually had been an entire month. When everyone looked around and saw the condition of the Ponyville, they started to get back to work and in no time at all life in Equestria soon returned to normal. It is later shown that Flareon made a secret room in their house where he had kept a TV with the first I.E.W.R he made, but it could only power the TV for 3 hours a day, and had to wait 24 hours for it to charge up again. Flareon and Spike were watching TV on a couch, but soon Twilight appeared and asked Flareon what he was doing. Flareon was shocked to find out Twilight found his secret room, but Twilight promised she wouldn't tell anyone. After Twilight sits down near Flareon, she asks what they were watching. Flareon replied it was baseball and Twilight soon becomes very interested and has Flareon promise to teach her how to play it one day.

      Smell and Tell

      "Smell and Tell" is the 16th episode from season 1 in MLP:WOF. It all starts when Flareon is seen helping Applejack on her farm with cleanup after a storm. Applejack starts to laugh at how hygienic Flareon is and how he doesn't like to get dirty. She even goes as far as telling Flareon that he is like a male version of Rarity. Applejack then tells Flareon that he couldn't go one day without taking a bath. Flareon then tells Applejack that he could go longer without taking a bath than she could. Flareon and Applejack from that point on try to see who could go on longer without taking a bath. Things start to go downhill as both start to smell bad which eventually forces both Flareon and Applejack to get kicked out of their houses because of their stench. Twilight tries to get Flareon and Applejack to end their quarrel, but neither side wants to admit the other won. In the end, both Flareon and Applejack agree on a truce and finally take a bath.

      Guys' Night Out

      "Guys' Night Out" is the 17th episode from season 1 in MLP:WOF. Twilight and the girls decide to have a girls' night out. When Rainbow Dash tells Flareon and Spike what they have planned, Flareon isn't interested but Spike is, and when he asks if he can come, she tells him girls only. After they leave, Spike suggests to Flareon that they have a guys' night out. At first Flareon says no, but Spike whines until Flareon gives in. A series of unfortunate events takes place as Flareon and Spike get themselves into trouble and mischief. Flareon with Spike and Twilight with the others are both shown about what they did during their night out. This episodes features Flareon and Spike getting some bonding time. In the end, Flareon and Spike manage to return home before Twilight and the others. When Flareon and Spike are asked about what they did tonight, they tell Twilight and the others guy stuff.

      Tree Sweet Tree

      "Tree Sweet Tree" is the 18th episode from season 1 in MLP:WOF. Flareon and Twilight's house becomes infested with bugs and needs to be fumigated, which forces them to have to stay somewhere else until the fumigation is complete. Flareon suggests they stay at Canterlot Castle, but Twilight doesn't want to bother Princess Celestia. This episode features Flareon, Twilight, and Spike attempting to stay at Applejack, Fluttershy, and the others' houses. In the end, the others' unique lifestyles are too much for Flareon, Twilight, and Spike to handle, and they end up staying at Canterlot Castle. They eventually are able to return back home.

      Filly Flick

      "Filly Flick" is the 19th episode from season 1 in MLP:WOF. Flareon, Twilight, and the others see a poster previewing a new movie that is playing at the Ponyville Movie Theater called "Princess Taffy and the Bubblegum Kingdom", an animated movie intended for fillies. Twilight and the others are ecstatic about it, but Flareon tells them he wouldn't waste his time with some girly movie. Later on, while watching TV, he sees a preview of the movie during a commercial, and to his surprise, becomes interested in seeing it. This episode features Flareon trying to see the movie without Twilight and the others knowing fearing that they would make fun of him if they found out. In the end, Twilight and the others find out that Flareon went to see the movie, but to his relief, they are happy to know that he actually has a soft side.

      Supernova Cannon

      "Supernova Cannon" is the 20th episode from season 1 in MLP:WOF. After seeing Rainbow Dash preform her Sonic Rainboom during the "Best Young Flyer Competition", Flareon attempts to preform it. Unfortunately, Flareon isn't able to preform the Sonic Rainboom as he isn't able to fly fast enough to break the sound barrier and is constantly rebounded and sent flying backwards by it. Just as Flareon is about to give up, he gets an idea. Flareon then goes high into the sky, and once again flies downward as fast as he can. Just as Flareon attempts to break the sound barrier, he cloaks himself in fire, which acts like a speed booster, and in turn helps him break the sound barrier. After Flareon breaks the sound barrier, instead of a rainbow appearing behind him, a small miniature sun appears, and a second later, it explodes showering the area with small white snowflake stars. When Rainbow Dash asks Flareon what kind of move that was, he refers to his new technique as the "Supernova Cannon".

      Play Ball

      "Play Ball" is the 21st episode from season 1 in MLP:WOF. Flareon decides to teach Twilight and the others how to play baseball due to his promise he made to Twilight. He decides to host a class called "Baseball 101" in the Ponyville Schoolhouse. Flareon then decides to make a baseball field near the schoolhouse and have everyone practice. After a few days of practice, Flareon and Rainbow Dash had everyone split into 2 teams. Flareon's team would be called the Phoenix Flames and Rainbow Dash's team would be called the Rainbow Flyers. The next day they deicide to have an exhibition match. The game is tied 2-2 going into the 9th inning. After Rainbow Dash hit a 3-run homerun off Twilight in the top of the 9th, it put the Rainbow Flyers up 5-2. In the bottom of the 9th, after Rainbow Dash gives up 3 straight singles, it was bases loaded and no outs. Even with the sudden pressure Rainbow Dash suddenly fired herself up and soon struck out 2 straight batters, resulting in Flareon coming up to bat next. After 1 strike and 1 foul ball, the count was 0-2 with 2 outs. Rainbow smirked and replied she was saving her best pitch for this moment. She suddenly spun in a circle causing a cyclone and then threw the ball with tremendous force, causing a rainbow to appear behind the ball. Rainbow Dash later refers to this pitch as the Sonic Rainbow Fastball. Flareon sensing Rainbow Dash's competitive spirit, uses his fire element magic to cause his bat to be encased in fire, and swung the bat as hard as he could. It hit the ball perfectly and Rainbow Dash could only watch as the ball flew out of the park wall resulting in a Grand Slam which ending the game as Flareon scored the winning run and the Phoenix Flames beat the Rainbow Flyers 6-5. After the game ended, Rainbow Dash walked over to Flareon, congratulating him on a great game, and had Flareon promise her that they would have a rematch someday. Right after they were done talking, Twilight called for Flareon, and when he turned around, she hit him in the face with a pie. Flareon then replied with a smile that he taught them well.

      You've Got Blackmail

      "You've Got Blackmail" is the 22nd episode from season 1 in MLP:WOF. It all starts when Spike takes a picture of Flareon playing with Twilight's dolls. Spikes then attempts to blackmail Flareon and forces him to do favors for him. Flareon eventually refuses to do any more favors which leads to Spike posting the pictures all across Ponyville. Flareon then rushes to take down the pictures before anyone sees them. Eventually Twilight finds out Spike was blackmailing Flareon and forces him to stop. In the end, Spike apologizes to Flareon and destroys all the pictures he had. At the end of the episode it shows Flareon and Twilight seeing Spike playing with Twilight's dolls and Spike promises them not to tell anyone.

      The Clowning

      "The Clowning" is the 23rd episode from season 1 in MLP:WOF. After learning about Flareon's fear of clowns, Rainbow Dash disguises herself as a clown and constantly attempts to scare him. Flareon starts to become paranoid which leads to him having a nightmare about being chased by 100 Rainbow Dash clowns. In the end, Rainbow Dash shows herself as the clown that was terrorizing Flareon and soon apologizes to him. Rainbow Dash soon gets a taste of her own medicine as Flareon, Twilight, and the others disguise themselves as Rainbow Dash's biggest fear, mimes, and give her a friendly scare.

      Lights, Camera, Action!

      "Lights, Camera, Action!" is the 24th episode from season 1 in MLP:WOF. After completing an audition for a role in an upcoming movie, Flareon soon becomes a famous movie star. At the beginning, Twilight and the others assist Flareon during each movie. Soon after though, Flareon lets all the fame and glory to go his head. Flareon starts to ignore Twilight and the others and even goes as far as telling them that they are jealous and has them thrown out of his room. During the making of the next movie, Flareon soon becomes agitated to the point where he fires everyone, including the director. Flareon then tries to produce the entire movie by himself. His plan backfires as the producers aren't pleased with Flareon's recent performance and they have him replaced. In the end, Flareon returns home to Ponyville and apologizes to everyone.

      Band Fever

      "Band Fever" is the 25th episode and the season 1 finale in MLP:WOF. Twilight decides to have Flareon show off his guitar skills at a concert in the Ponyville Town Square. At first Flareon is nervous since he has never played in front of a live audience before, but when he starts to play his 1st song, his nerves go away. Flareon plays a total of 3 songs, the last one which he dedicates to Twilight. The songs Flareon plays are "The Resist Stance", "I Wanna Rock", and "I'm a Believer". During the last song, The Neon Hooves, the most talented and famous band in Equestria, are seen passing by Ponyville, and overhear Flareon playing. They stop and decide to watch him. After Flareon is done, The Neon Hooves come up to Flareon, and ask him to join their band. This episode features Flareon experiencing the life of a band member. In the end, Flareon becomes fatigued due to the constant grind of playing concert after concert. After thanking The Neon Hooves for the experience, Flareon returns back home to Ponyville.
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