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    Thread: Corrupt-a-Wish!

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      Quote Originally Posted by Shadow Pony View Post
      I wish this forum wasn't so dead.
      Then you should had done something about it when you had the opportunity, you fucking lazy useless dumbfuck.

      Why are you even still in charge? It was your responsibility. You were supposed to be as active as possible, not irrelevant and boring like the nauseating replaceable normie piece of shit you are. The problem is that most leaders this place ever had were just incompetent people, nobody faggots who had nothing interesting to say, which is why I directly blame you even if we never talked to each other before, but I don't like you.

      You're all trash.

      It's not your fault exclusively, but you were part of the problem and a post-merge Staff purge that never took place was something very necessary. What did you do to earn your position in the first place? And how is that you never got demoted? Why do you think you deserved it? Derpy was infinitely better than you even if he was a dramawhore powerabuser, but at least he had personality. I don't even know who were you or what made you think that you had some redeeming qualities as Staff of the site at all.

      So why you? What makes you think that you're better than us or that you still deserve your current position?

      What moral authority do you have?

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      time. Will I found my way
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      Quote Originally Posted by Snowy Gilda View Post
      Granted, but now you have to deal with me.

      I wish I had a PC
      Granted, but it's operating system is that of a 3DS.

      I wish the last post didn't go 0 to 100 real quick.
      Last edited by FirestormDDash; 03-06-2018 at 09:44 PM. Reason: Quoted wrong person.

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