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    Thread: Archive Mode

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      Archive Mode

      As of today, August 19th, 2018, FiM hasd been restored to a new server in archival mode. What does this mean? Well basically the site will be operating minimally for the sheer purpose of being able to access and reference memories and old posts. The shoutbox will remain usable as long as the server can handle it, if it ghets to be a problem , it will be disabled. You may notice some of your options are missing as well. The ability to post new threads and comments as well as editing current one, opening new polls, and anything outside of read-only access has been disabled. With all the memories on here it is hard to let it die completely, however with most of us (staff included) having real jobs and lives outside of the site and the growing use of discord for mobile vchat purposes, the site has come to almostf a complete stop in use and we dont have the time to maintain it anymore. So here we are. So a greeat thank you to everyone who uhas come and gone, and those that have stuck by, for making FiM what it was. The community had its ups and downs but it has grown more than any of us couldve ever expected. Good luck with your lives and we staff wish you all the best. If you still want to keep in touch with anyone, the discord server is linked in the shoutbox and a decent amount of us are on there. Been a pleasure!

      btw last chance to use this

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      Thanks everyone, it's been fun!

      You will notice that this backup may be missing some of the very last content from the site, we decided to restore from a slightly older backup in order to avoid needing to manually remove any spam that was posted following this time, when the site was under very little use anyways. Send one of the staff members a message on Discord if you need anything from after this time!

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