Anyone else excited about this game. I've been a huge fan of the Legend of Zelda for many years now, and I'm interested to see how well this game does. It has a chance of becoming my new favorite. Majora's Mask amd Twilight Princess were probably my 2 fave consoles, but they are making some really interesting changes with this one.

Obviously the open world exploration is new (sort of). I don't think that's been done since the original LoZ. Also, no more Master Sword. There are still swords, as well as other weapons, but they have durability and decay with use. Most enemies drop stuff you can use as weapons.

Also there's a survival aspect. The northern parts of Hyrule are quite chilly for example, and Link will shiver and freeze to death over time, but you can craft spicy food he can eat to become resistant to the cold.

No more Epona either. Horseback riding is still a thing, but you must find and tame wild horses.

Lots of other changes too, like Zelda actually having a speaking role. I'm thrilled to see how this all turns out.