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      The Cutie Map

      The castle of the two sisters in the Everfree Forest

      Ages back I thought that Twilight would move to the castle of the castle of the two sisters as the S4 finale. What do you think is the story of that abandoned castle?

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      I am not sure what the whole story is, but I think it is a wonderful place of history and legends. It is a monument to the legacy of the 2 sisters. I'm sorry that I don't have more to say than that, but I hope it helps.

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      I think it would have been better if they did have her move there after the tree of harmony magically rebuilt it instead of having a castle pop up in Ponyville. Doing that could have lead to some interesting episodes that started to delve into the past of Equestria. Still this isn't Japanese Anime and it is for little girls so really episodes like that don't mean much to kids so what they did, worked for the targeted audience.

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