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      She's Cute Though, So It's Alright
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      Rule Addendum: Archive Mode (Post-Maturity Site Phase)

      As many of you know or may have noticed, Friendship is Magic Forums is not a particularly active site anymore. New member registration is rare, the forum topic is winding down in terms of new-media production, and general interest/relevancy of the respective property is no longer growing.

      For the past few months, we have essentially been running the site in archive mode. There are no additional operating costs incurred with allowing new threads and new registrations, so we will not be explicitly converting the site into an archive, but moving the site into an archive mode means that the expected actions of moderation and administration teams are reduced.

      We wish at the present time to keep Friendship is Magic Forums running for the primary benefit of its former users. Over the years, the interests of various members of this site have changed, and those who remain may often post or discuss things which are in violation of the rules. Many of these rules exist to keep the forum a friendly place for new users, and we no longer feel that new users should be prioritized for this site. We do not anticipate further growth of Friendship is Magic Forums, and do not intend to actively foster an environment we feel is required for growth.

      As a leader on a staff team who has always sought to act with transparency, I feel that discussion is important, even if it is inappropriate for professional environments or general society. Many of you have expressed beliefs in the past which may not be highly respected by those in power, and that's okay. Though in the past we've acted to remove these things, again in an attempt to adhere to a set of rules which sought to foster a friendly environment, we do not feel this is necessary at the present time. I personally have enjoyed and continue to enjoy discussing or debating topics with members of this site who have wholly different opinions from my own, and I feel like we can all learn from these open discussions, even if they may be offensive or contain offensive material or statements.

      Myself, and the other members of staff, do not express agreement with any statement or belief made on this site simply by allowing their existence on this platform. From this point forward, and retroactively including all forum content currently visible, we do not intend to uphold rules against offensive content. We ask only that you respect this forum as an open platform for discussion, and consider any statements made to be only the beliefs of the member posting them. We feel that the general additude of this site's users, and the maturity of those who post here, will understand this policy and tolerate the opinions and statements of others.

      General moderation will only be handled on a basis of staff discretion, including user request. If you feel that a post (or another user) requires moderation, please contact a member of staff and state why. Staff reserves the right, per forum registration agreements which have been active since site formation, to modify, remove, or delete users/posts/content without specified reason. Should our feelings regarding site growth change at any time in the future, we reserve the right to begin moderating per the original rules, including the removal of content in violation of them, or full reversal of site data to before the changes outlined in this post were made.

      It should also be noted that backups of site data will no longer be made on a regular basis. Please back up any posts or threads you require access to on your local machines.

      I thank all members of both Friendship is Magic and Equestria Forever for the years of activity and fun we all shared. I hope that many of you will choose to remain on the site (or join us on Discord, where many of us are active daily!) as we progress into this archival state. I've learned a lot from this site, made a lot of friends, and the occasional enemy too... but I wouldn't wish it any different if I could do it over. I hope we can all remain in touch for years to come, and wish everyone the best of luck in their future endeavors.


      Twilight Sparkle
      Friendship is Magic Forums Administrator
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