Name: Valence Bond

Gender: Female

Species: Unicorn

Approximate Age (in Human Years): 33

Appearance: Cream colored coat with a pink mane and tail that she usually keeps braided, so that it's more manageable and stays out of her eyes. She wears glasses, which can make it tough to see the rich shade of purple her eyes are. She's got a medium build, a little on the thin side, and can usually be found wearing a lab coat. On rare occasion, she will get dressed up all fancy for a benefit or fundraiser, but she is the sort of mare that prefers the simple look.

Cutie Mark: A representation of an atom. Valence is a chemist, and her magic is particularly useful in this regard. Specifically, she can magically alter the number of electrons of an object, provided the object isn't (A) a radioactive isotope or noble gas; and (B) Isn't alive, since living things are constantly changing chemically in very small ways. This doesn't mean she can make something out of nothing, only that she can change a material into its component parts, or combine things chemically without the use of expensive equipment. For example, she could separate a glass of water into hydrogen and oxygen gas, or pull the oxide out of rusty metal (though it would still have little pits from the rusty bits coming off).

Quick Facts: Valence is a very smart pony, but not particularly good with other ponies. Not that it stops her from trying- more that the things she likes to talk about aren't usually the kind of things other ponies find anywhere near as interesting as she does. She's a big fan of musical theater, though she can't sing or dance even the slightest bit. She tends to wear her heart on her sleeve, so she can be oversensitive and tends to read too much into things. She lives alone in a cozy little apartment, with the exception of a couple plants and a chinchilla named Piglett who doesn't seem to care much about the occasional loud noise or bright lights.

Optional: She likes strong coffee or black tea, but it has to be heavily sweetened. She is fascinated by dragons and how dragonfire works, but the thought of actually being near one is terrifying for her. She will try just about anything once, whether new foods or activities/hobbies, though once she finds something that suits her she tends to favor it over everything else.

((I'd very much like some feedback, it's been a long time since I've done any writing, and I'm a bit rusty))