"Twilight Sparkle's awesome adventure" (and yes, those two words are not capitalized in the stories title) is the best-worst-on-purpose piece of literature I have ever had the immense pleasure of reading during my time in the My Little Pony : FiM fandom. So I figured I would share some details of it here and maybe pull out a few lines from the beginning, or paragraphs, that I find to be particularly "juicy."

This is in no way an attempt to get to know the nice community here one bit and record information of people who comment into multiple undisclosed locations like I'm Stable-Tec from Fallout: Equestria. But I would definitely not mind hearing others opinions on this simply stupidly-extraordinary story that I will link here, their favorite parts, etc. etc. whatever you want to share.


*Warning: Below is my opinion, and this is not meant to offend anyone/pony - and so if you're someone who was part of the trigger conversation last night you should just get out now, k? Before you explode and die of madness. Or if you just don't like ponies and they ruin your day ...

HAHA, nah, just kidding. Read onward!

A Brief Introduction ... to Twilight Sparkle's awesome adventure.

The story begins with "The awesome adventure begins." AKA, Chapter. I. (Obviously, now that I think about it ...) With the purple-butt pony known as Twilight Sparkle. "It was a bright, happy and sunny day as Twillight Sparkle walked down the main street of Ponyvile in Ponyland. Twillight was a normal pony but she had a horn which made her a unicorn, which is a normal pony that can do magic" ... actual story description. Further lines of text in this story include ...

"First there’s Pinkie Pie. She is always funny and does party stuff and is insane but that’s not bad because that makes her even funnier."

"Her third friend is Rarity and she’s also an unicorn but not good with magic. Instead she makes dresses, goes shopping and cries a lot and that’s why she’s best pony."

"'Oh no an explosion.' said Twillight as she ran away from the large explosions behind her."

"She was about to die and then suddenly the explosions stopped.
'The explosions stopped.' said Twillight and turned around."

About by now I am sure you can tell what type of story this is. Bad grammar, poor knowledge of the world and clearly aiming for something comedic. However, you may be asking ... "Is that all? Why are you saying this and not what else the story has to offer my intrigued brain?" Well I shall tell you what else this story is and thus has to offer!

The story itself takes all manners of terrible writing and smashes nearly ALL of these tropes into one massive pile of good time fun time! Such things include cheesy as hell named characters, un-believeably poor writing where the reason "Celesia" is evil is because ... 'because', plus making the characters into goodness knows what (Rarity is always carrying a shopping bags and Fluttershy's always crying or whatever. Rainbow Dash is a lesbian because of her hair color. Ya'know, that stuff. ) and to top it off? We have the authors OC being a god-like super hero. Or as the author describes it "The BEST OC EVER." Which when you read the story ... could it be true?

I'd highly recommend this for a group reading to! I did it with a few folks from a group on Skype, and it became just silly good fun until they stopped giving me parts because I sucked and kept mistakenly interrupting them and missing my lines.

In conclusion the story is just ... a masterpiece of hilarity really. I highly recommend anyone just looking for a laugh to check it out. Evil Celesia demands it because she is evil and she wants you to know of her evil deeds because evil.

So lastly, I hope I did good with this blog thing. Kinda my first one so hoping I didn't break any rules. Sorry if I did. On the other side of the ... coinver (Pun of the year), how well did I done did diddy done do did it my first forum post thingie thing thing bing ging google? Thanks for raiding reading.

And of course, what do you think of the story from your own experience reading it?