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    Thread: FIM Forum Rules

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      FIM Forum Rules

      Level 1 - Warning

      • Excessive foul language - Use of foul language is is not against the rules. However, it is discouraged. Don't use foul language excessively and you will be fine. All racists terms will be counted as excessive, and will result in a removal of privileges from chat for a temporary/permanent time depending on infraction. Foul language in thread titles is prohibited.
      • Harassment - Harassing another member in regards to their religion, sexuality, disability, or any other personal traits will be taken seriously, and you will be given a warning when you have crossed the line.
      • Thread digging - Do not dig deep into posts and randomly reply to old threads. Example: Finding a two month old "Introduction" thread and resurrecting it. This causes confusion among the newer members.
      • Creating threads in the wrong section. - Make new threads in the correct section. Creating a new thread in the incorrect section causes us to have to move them. If it happens by accident, we understand completely. This rule exists only for those who are breaking it multiple times on purpose.
      • Posting in a ban appeal without your involvement - If someone posts a ban appeal, do not get involved. It is between staff and the person involved. We will personally ask for input from you if you were involved.
      • Spam. - Posting useless things in excess.
      • Making "like this" posts. - They're pretty annoying and defeat the purpose of a like system.
      • Asking for money or donations - We would prefer it if you could refrain some asking our forum members for money, it can be very annoying. If you want to sell anything or offer a service in exchange for money, you can do that in the appropriate forum sections.
      • Making thread titles in all caps - This gets very irritating, so please refrain from doing so.
      • Signature - Any signature above 300 PX (in height) or bigger than 500 KB will be deleted. If you have multiple signature images, the height can not exceed 350 PX, and total of 800 KB of data. Signatures also can not have more than four lines of text (if you already have a 300px image).
      • Emote rules - Users can upload emotes for site currency (bits). Users are responsible for any and all emotes they upload. Inappropriate content will be dealt with as if posting it in any other form. Repeatedly uploading emotes that break the rules - more than 50px wide and 100px long, more than three of the same meme - will result first in a warning and removal with bit replacement, and then removal without bit replacement.

      Level 2 - Short Term Ban (24-48 hours)

      • Doing anything in level 1 repeatedly - This depends on the level of the infraction received.
      • Impersonating a member of staff - Pretending to be a part of the staff team will earn you a short ban.
      • Posting where you were told not to post. - Repeat posting in the wrong sections after being warned.
      • Flaming/trolling.
      • Racism - Racism will not be tolerated.

      Level 3 - Long Term Ban (10 Days or more)

      • Mass spamming. - Repeatedly posting the same thing over and over throughout various threads.
      • Advertising without permission. - You can only advertise your site/store/etc if you have permission from an admin/mod.
      • Threatening other members.
      • Descriptions of pornographic material/situations.

      Level 4 - Permanent Ban (Severe offenses will be given an IP ban)

      • Threatening the site (attacks, ddos, etc).
      • Ban evading. - If you have been banned, you can email the mod/admin involved for an appeal. Do not create another account to evade a ban, as it will result in a permanent ban until your appeal has been met, or denied.
      • Posting ANY Pornography, Rule 34, animal harassment, or gore in ANY section. (Guaranteed Ban)
      • Using another members personal information. - Do not exploit others' personal info if you have it. IE pictures/names/etc.
      • Alternate accounts. - Alternate accounts not approved by staff will be banned immediately. If used to evade a ban, another infraction point will be added to the main account.

      We reserve the right to ban an account for any reason not listed here.
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