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    Thread: Username Rules

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      Username Rules

      Users are allowed to have one canon name.
      Creating alts to 'hold' canon names is not allowed and will be changed.
      RP-alts are okay, names can be discussed with the RP staff.

      We reserve the right to ask a member any username they have chosen for themselves be changed if it is deemed inappropriate for the forum.

      Additionally, if we feel a username could be confusing to other members, it may be changed (for instance, if one user is "Rainbow Dash", another user should not be "RainbowDash"). Should a staff member feel your name needs changing, you will be informed of the change via a private message on the site, and your name may be temporarily changed to your user number. This number will be told to you in the private message you will receive, and your temporary username would be "user_###".

      If your name is changed to your user number, simply select a new username for yourself and inform a staff member, who will gladly change it for you free of charge.
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