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      MLP CCG Learning Event 2.0 (Now With Breakdancing!)

      The My Little Pony: Collectible Card Game (MLP:CCG) has just released with the third set and we felt it was time for another online get-together to get new players involved, review and discuss some of the new and updated rules, and otherwise just have a good time. With ponies. What could be better?

      All that's needed to get started is to follow this thread here to download OCTGN. If there's any trouble feel free to message myself or [MENTION=2]Clarice[/MENTION] (Twilight Sparkle) for some help. Skype is also useful as we do find it much easier to operate with spoken instruction rather than text. No mic needed either, but we will accommodate those who do not have Skype or cannot run a voice chat.

      Something exciting this time around is that we are now officially one of the fangroups of Enter-play and were given several cards to send out! They are Twilight Sparkle: Break Dancer (Should be Trixie cards... but I digress...) and possibly something else (if things work out)!

      Event will be Saturday, Dec. 13th, at 7PM-Whenever EST. All are welcome. If you can't make it but still want to learn, just send either of us a PM or Skype message anytime.
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      Lovin' airlines
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      I can join in. I'll have to get all my cards back together so I can make online versions of them!

      Chrysalis made this awesome sig!

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      Question...Even though I was present for the last one, do I still have to show up at this one for one of the cards?

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