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      That had been worth the wait.

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      Though I'm rather late to the party, I found everything to be very enjoyable!

      Despite previous concerns of it being awful and a total sell-out feature, the music had really good rhythm, lyrics and the instrumentals were spot on. I didn't expect it to be so entertaining.
      My favorite part about it all was the fact the brought more lore to one of the most interesting side-lores in FiM, Starswirl the Bearded. The way the tuned the movie in with the show and made it make sense with the canon, you weren't constantly face-palming at a bunch of dumb 'coincidences', it was entertaining, real and believable enough to keep me interested throughout.

      8.5/10 definitely.

      Gold pyro in TF2, hit me up with an invite and say you're from FiM! I'd be glad to chat.

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      I really enjoyed it! Watched it with a few friends and shit if we didn't cheer when Sunset grabbed the mike in the ending scene.

      -Lovely and varied songs with mostly good quality through the whole thing.

      -Great animation step up.

      -Amazing VA work as always.

      -Plot felt less contrived and galaxies worth of better pacing than the first movie.

      All in all, great film

      Also, ending scene put Rainbow Power to SHAME

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      Quote Originally Posted by Cheerilee View Post

      Also, ending scene put Rainbow Power to SHAME

      No kidding! While Tirek and Twilight's battle was amazing, the ending didn't have that OOMPH that it needed. Rainbow rocks is probably one of my favorite movies because it keeps you interested throughout and isn't just happy-go-lucky at the end (too much.)

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      Oct 2012
      Okay, I realize it's a bit late, but I finally saw the movie. It was a pretty solid sequel. I was wondering how good a sequel to EqG would be, but I think they pulled it off really well. The songs were really good. There were definitely a few laugh out loud moments. I liked how Sunset was having trouble fitting in with everyone. That's a very realistic approach to the situation, it would have bothered me if everyone had just been like "Yeah you tried to make us all your slaves, but magic of friendship makes it all okay".

      Animation looked so sweet. I loved it. And there were some really nice references in there, like the CMC wearing their Show Stoppers gear. Also human Derpy and Bulk Biceps was pretty great (though I would have loved to hear Derpy and band finish their song). And I'm interested to see what they have in mind for that potential 3rd movie. the Sirens were interesting. I enjoyed their banter.

      10/10, would watch again.
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