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      S2E4 - Luna Eclipsed Discussion Thread

      I don't know if I just suck at youtube search but I wasn't able to find a video. Poke me if you find the entire episode alone somewhere and I can embed it.

      Alright, so we finally see our Princess of the night since her return from being Nightmare Moon. Starting things off we're shown that this episode is basically Halloween. Costumes, candy, trick-or-treating, the works. I believe this also marks the first mention of StarSwirl the Bearded as Twilight tries to explain her costume to everyone who mistakes her for something else. We also see Zecora again, using some magical powder to share the story of Nightmare Moon.

      The rest of the episode consists of Twilight trying to help Luna become more approachable and less feared by the residents of Ponyville. Eventually they learn that sometimes it's fun to be scared, allowing Luna to use her naturally intimidating abilities to participate in the celebration.

      So this episode brings a fair bit to the table, a new design for Luna which I personally love, a glimpse at her personality, and a slight touch of character development. We're also given a holiday, some history, and a legend for nightmare moon which has yet to be properly explained.

      Making this thread at this point I can look at how this episode was received by the fandom, at least a little bit. It's quite irritating to look at. I've seen people treat Luna like nothing actually happened in this episode, that a few scenes are her entire personality and that she still uses the "royal canterlot voice" when addressing her subjects. Speaking of such, I find it odd that Celestia wouldn't have brought Luna up to speed about the things that have changed in the thousand years that were missed.

      Oh, another thing - bat ponies. Not in my headcanon, but let's just get that out of the way... yeah my headcanon is that they were just pegasus ponies dressed up for nightmare night. Maybe they had some unicorn magic enchantments to help alter their appearance as Luna's personal guard. Since then, other than flutterbat, we've never seen any bat ponies (as far as I recall), so I find it weird there are people who talk about them as though they are an existing species in the show.

      Lastly, there's the introduction of StarSwirl, which I glossed over earlier. Digibro makes a good point about StarSwirl's introduction to the show in this video here - basically, StarSwirl is obscure but important, as very few have heard of him but he has a wing in the canterlot archives named after him. This makes sense if he didn't have many friends or followers, the importance of which was noted in Magical Mystery Cure where friendship was what allowed Twilight to complete the spell.

      All in all, we have a fun episode with important ties to the future of the series, and an amazing new look for Luna.
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      Is it weird the main reason I like this episode is Friendship is Witchcraft. The spoof episode was great. And lunar slander is one of my favorite fan song.

      The episode was good because, well, Luna! Nuff said really. Also it was a season two episode.
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      What I find the most strange is Celestia giving a holiday to the the day she lost her sister. Well, maybe it would be cool to make some sort of solemn memorial day, but this seems like kind of an odd choice. This isn't a legend or religion they are celebrating. It's actual history, and was a very sad day for all involved. It's like if we beat up nazi pinatas and and told ghost stories about the SS during remembrance day. It's just tacky.

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      The Cutie Map
      One of my top 10 favorites of S2.

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      S2E4 - Luna Eclipsed Discussion Thread

      i like this also because of friendship is withcraft russian luna lol

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      I was a big fan of this one. Luna is love, Luna is life.

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