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      Starting anew
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      Jan 2014
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      Really don't know what's happening

      If I was a location on Earth whose weather was being monitored, it'd be hard to make sense of what is happening.

      Let's see, the past week or so have been extremely bad -- more in terms of thoughts and feelings. Boiling things down to the substance, I've gone into the deepest slump I've ever been in. What's weird is how I seem OK now -- better than OK, it would seem. Weirder still is how I feel a bit different, like I'm not exactly the same person as yesterday when this slump happened. In fact, it's almost as though the person I was yesterday feels like a different person than the one typing this, a different identity. Almost. But sort of? Am "I," the one writing this now, a different ego, a different identity from the "I" who was in tremendous pain yesterday seemingly for just having the certain kinds of thoughts? How is it that this body feels as though it is just that: a body (I don't mean a corpse but a living, breathing body)? The more I think about it, the more confusing things start to get...

      But perhaps it is for the best. Like, with the other ego, bad things might happen to this body here but if "I" stay in charge and not assimilate with the other, I think this body stands a better chance of staying healthy for much longer.

      But something tells me this might just be a calm before an even bigger storm.
      Stay curious.

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      My drill is the drill that will pierce the heavens!
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      Bipolarism, manic depression, dissociative disorder.
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