A gentle wind brushed over treetops, whistled through city blocks, and rustled fields that were just sprouting. The moon gleamed in the sky, milky white and surrounded by glimmering stars. Somewhere, a wind chime jangled in this cool spring breeze. The world shivered and rolled over, each human curling up tighter into their blankets or against their lover. Some people were awake as the wind passed, playing a game, or working on some late night project. As the wind brushed them, they shivered, then their eyelids drooped, a heavy sleep encompassing them. It was the first night in a long time that the entire world had truly slept.

Alarm clocks and phones went off in the early hours, and were left to their beeping, ringing, and singing. As the people of the world awoke, each at 9am in their respective time zones, they could tell that something strange had happened. A buzzing still tingled over their skin, a strange smell would touch their senses, but then disappear just as quickly. It was something the peoples of the world had not felt for a long time, and never had it been felt so collectively. When the morning news started, many would find that what they had thought to simply be an odd hangover or perhaps the result of not getting enough rest, was indeed a far stranger occurrence.

That gentle zephyr had left a strange mark on the world. While most of the population of the earth was trying to discover the reason for their unified slumber, a very small portion was waking up to a far more surprising situation. Strange dreams of distant lands and odd creatures had run through their minds during this mysterious sleep. As these few woke, the strong scent of sage, anise, and something almost metallic permeated their senses. You woke to the scent of magic, with it buzzing against your skin.


Welcome to “A Look in the Mirror.” This is a story based RP in which you have woken up as a pony, or other RP allowed creature. For all intents and purposes, this RP is taking place in the Equestria Girls universe.

If you haven't seen Equestria Girls, you don't need to. Just keep in mind this role play takes place in an alternate universe where MLP as a SHOW does not exist, but as a universe does. Therefor your knowledge about Equestria, the mane six, and any abilities the ponies have would likely be nonexistent. Especially since the beginning of this RP is supposed to take place before the mirror's existence. Your characters will have to discover how to use their abilities, and what they want to do with them, along the way.

There will be a definite end to this RP, but it's up to each player to find the end that they want. I will post information that is crucial to the plot along the way. It's up to you to decide what to do with it. Figure out what your characters goals are, and if you have any questions, the information thread for this story can be found by clicking HERE.