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    Thread: Bat Ponies

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      Bat Ponies

      While we are as excited as any of you to have batponies in the game, we thought we'd make sure that everyone's on the same page about them! So here goes.

      Batponies are basically a different kind of pegasus. They are not cursed beings of the night, nor are they vampires. Like any pony they eat normal food, and like pegasi they can fly and walk on clouds - even during the day. They can't do magic and they can't turn into mist, just like pegasi. They do prefer to be up during the night, but they can be up during the day just fine - just like most pegasi are up during the day, but they can be up all night long!

      They do have slightly better nightvision, which makes some thing they have sonar like bats ( they don't ), and they prefer to live up in the mountains. That, coupled with them being relatively unusual, means they don't come around that often. But no fear, who wouldn't want to go down to our lovely new town?
      So people might be surprised to see them, but they won't be scared or worried - they might be curious instead! But most will probably not mind more than they'd mind any other pegasus.

      While it is true that Luna has some in her guard, that's just a few! Most of her guard are the other kinds of ponies, because they are the ones that apply. She wouldn't deny everyone but batponies a chance to join, as long as they can stay up during the night.
      It is also worth mentioning that Fluttershy was never made a real bapony, just something looking somewhat like it.
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