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    That message in the chatbox about me sending a pm was completely automated, not much of a PRIVATE message if the site's gonna announce it to everyone :I
    Anyway, how are you doing?
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    I lead sessions for my cousin, his GF, and his friend.

    No problems cuz they are all geeks, so there's no "playing the game just to feel included" (in fact, SHE was the one who wrote the scenario for our vampire LARP. She's geeky to the core! ).

    One session ago they exploded an iron mine and her character surfed on a large piece of rubble down a mountain slope, just like Legolas surfed on a shield down the stairs in Lord of The Rings. (Was totally badass.)

    Luckeeee. If her dice rolled bad, the explosion would made her lose balance, fall a large distance, and go SPLAT on the ground.
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    Nope, that was my first time.

    I mainly lead tabletop game sessions. (Also, I had the chance to do an improvised one that same day, to introduce some new players to D&D.)
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    I was in a LARP yesterday. There were twenty actors total.

    Plot: USA-Mexico border. Vampire invasion. A group of people barricaded themselves in a small cafe, trying to survive the night before the soldiers come to save them at dawn.

    My role was that of a panicked waiter, an employee of the cafe, who witnessed his female co-worker being eaten by vampires.

    I hyperventilated and had panic attacks and PTSD and a whole lot of extreme traumatized reactions. Even had a temper tantrum while lying on the ground.

    Was fun.

    In the end, we all became vampires (by drinking hot chocolate with vampire blood in it).
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    Unexpected early starting of the semester. Just five more days till it starts.

    I hope the busy-busy-busy days you are having are at least fun-fun-FUN!
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    Another heatwave here. You have it too?
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    (ran out of room)

    Everything is Much slower, not just compared to big US citiies like NYC I'm talking about in general, everyhting is just "slower paced" in comparison: grocery stores, restaurant, tv, subways; etc
    Even in fast foods everyone doesn't get in line knowing what they want, they usally stand in front of the cashier for 5 minutes to decide and then they order it; and I'd lie if i said I didn't snicker at the way italian cashiers mispronounce mcdonald's food. My favourite's "Do you want is spacey?" (she meant "spicy") or a guy in the tourist filled Naples train station's mcd. not being able to say "would you like a bag" in eng.
    And speaking off, the only fast food chains Italy has are McDonald's and Burger King, nothing else
    And BK is Rare, it's only in big cities and never more than one location; with only a few middle sized cities having it (I got lucky and Salerno, 20 mins from my house, got one last year)
    (The food differences are so many I could make a whole vm just about them)

    Being the house of The Vatican Italy is VERY religious, much more so than the US, the Catholic Church shaped more than half if its entire history
    me and almsot everyone i know where forced to be chatolics when children and "strongly encouraged" to go to church school, and this happens throught all mid to south italy
    Not in northen ita, the church use to own a crapload of land (thanks to fraudulent owner deeds, long story) in the south up until the country was founded and its home is in the middle, but the north was almost always owned by other people
    If you go to the north you're often gonna see young and old people casually cursing the heavens

    And those are the ones from the top of my head, if you want to ask something or know more I'd be glad to tell you
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    Just passed an english exam, out of like 50+ people only 22 passed; I'm pretty happy about that

    Where to would be easier if you asked specific questions on what is different so for now I'm just gonna name some from the top of my head:

    As I said previously Small Talk doesn't really exist, if you go like "nice shirt! " to a random person in the street they're gonna be weirded out, people in general are very reserved and closed to strangers no matter where

    Tipping Culture doesn't exist
    Waiters or parkers or whatever are paid by their salary instead of by mostly tips so visrtually no one does it or expets you to, not even on pizza deliveries (no matter how far the poor guy has to travel to reach your house), tipping is only treated as an unexpected surprise (if you see a parker asking you money he's an abusive parker and you should ignore it)

    Since employees aren't looking for tips, Do Not expect them to be nice and friendly towards you, you're never gonna see a Starbucks cashier going "Hi! how are you? How can I help you today? " (you're not gonna find strabucks here for that matter); unless it's like a prestigious place where they get paid a lot, most emplyees are either gonna look indifferent, not bother talking in proper italian instead of thick regional dialect (even in big tourist filled places like Rome or Naples, and I'm talking about THICK dialect not just an accent) or in a few cases like they want you to eff off
    Just how indifferent? I was in a pretty nice looking clothing store like 2 months ago, I wanted to buy a new pair of sport shoes, and while I was sitting down trying them on the employee was airhumping in my face (you can imagine my face after that)

    Cafes and the way coffee is treated are almost the exact opposite than american coffee chains; you sit down in an italian cafe you're expected to leave in 10-15 mins, coffee is small, strong and to be quickly consumed like a shot of whisky and if you hog the table it'll be considered bad manners or it's at least unexpected, there's no sitting down in an air conditioned room watching stuff with the free wi fi and being able to stay there all day if you want to, even in fancier cafes you're expected to sit down and finish your coffee; you can only spend more time there if you're like with a friend. And drinking coffee on the go is very uncommon, in fact if you order one to go they'll just give you a small cardboardcup with some tin foil on it. expectiong you to sit down elsewhere to drink it
    And while we're in topic donuts are much bigger and fattier and you're usually only gonna eat em for breakfast (I don't even do that because I find em too heavy on the stomach)
    Restaurants are the opposite, you can stay there for hours and the staff will be ok with it, if you're with multuiple people you can stay for like the whole afternoon; it's common for families to spend all day in a restaurant to celebrate a holiday or maybe for a family reunion or something

    They're not gonna ask for your id card when you try to buy any booze unlss you're like clearly 12
    The legal age for drinking is 18, but I've had like 15 year old friends who just bought beer whenever they wanted and they never asked any questions, they'll even happily open the bottle for you like "here you go! "; one time I was 16 and just wanted to buy a bottle of duff beer because i love the simpsons and they just happily opened it for me without asking questions, and I went "No no I just want the bottle "
    The same goes if you try to buy R rated movies, unless it's porn i think that one I never tried
    Also it's pretty common for families to allow their children to drink a small cup of whine or sometimes beer during lunch, nowdays this is done less now that people are more aware of alcoholism (when my father was still alive doctors didn't even consider it an illness) this happens less, some families still do it but it's not as common as before
    Also the min age to drive is 18

    Eating is considered a family passtime
    Every time you have a familiy reunion or something similiar, you're gonna be forced to spend half a day sitting in a table filled with 10+ middle aged\old people, you have no idea who they are and don't care to know, and if you don't like the food tough luck you're stuck there and don't even think of playing with your game boy advance! (..might have trown some personal bias there )
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    I am super confused. I recall you explicitly saying in the past that your name ends with A and not E.

    ...bad memory on my part apparently.
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    Oh, and the newest episode introduced a new character: a gryphon named Gabriella (nicknamed "Gabby").

    Another Pinkie-like super-hyper super-enthusiastic character, but less random and silly.

    She had enough of the cold and rude gryphon society, and decided to visit the ponies. Specifically: the CMCs. [LINK]
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