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  1. Where do you live in saskatchewan exactly?
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    Happy birthday, Blinks!~
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    Happy birthday, good friend !
  4. o: Happy birthday, apparently!
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    Congrats on winning the fan fic contest!
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    Hey! You! Yeah! Hey, you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
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    Happy bday
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    Birthdayish Happiness, friend-of-a-friend!
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    Happy Birthday, friend !
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    Happy Birthday!
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Review: My little Portal

by Cheese Sandwich on 11-12-2014 at 07:38 PM
Today i'm going to tell my thoughts on My little portal Episode 5.

My Little portal is a fan-made project mixing Valve's Portal with MLP universe. The concept itself was well and good the first few episodes creating an interesting story with Twilight waking up in the facility. Now can't blame the animation for being a bit choppy giving the animation program used which surprising isn't flash,

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Snowdrop and my annoyance with it.

by Cheese Sandwich on 07-12-2014 at 07:49 PM
Disclaimer, the follwing is my personal opinion, said opinion being strongly influinced by my eye condition. I will make it clear here that I don't mind if someone likes Snowdrop, who am I to tell you not too? However this blog is not to judge its quality, but to help state the reasons it rubs me the wrong way to the point of being insulting.

Now for starters let me tell you about myself. Long story short, I have aspergers and I'm visually impaired. Now while I have eye sight it still

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Thats a new low.

by Cheese Sandwich on 07-22-2013 at 01:53 PM
Okay so this is mostly about the sneak peak vid mostly the first segment they showed so spoilers ish i guess.

Spoiler: so yea 

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Updated 07-22-2013 at 02:14 PM by Cheese Sandwich


my stargate is showing

by Cheese Sandwich on 07-18-2013 at 01:34 PM
I dont know why but the crystal empire and Atlantic from Stargate Atlantic look really similar.

Long arching structure stretching outwards from a center spire tower.

Spoiler: Atlantic 

Crystal empire has a very similar star design.
Spoiler: Crystal empire 

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A day of fustration with suger on top

by Cheese Sandwich on 05-06-2013 at 02:19 AM
So Firefox for the longest time was giving me grief, I could never find out way. then yesterday my Windows explore kept conking out for no apparent reason. So I do the standard system care and anti virus scans and those crashed..leading to more fustration..after another hour of tinkering i look up on google how to solve this issue...turns out was hardware acceleration setting in advanced setting in Firefox the whole time.. note to self search google first panic second.