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    Yup! Part of my brain still see you as a 14 yo girl haha!
    I think I was just looking for brony forums and this one was the biggest at the time
    Oh you have shown me a picture of you in 2015, I asked you myself; I never blamed you for not showing me your face before that because you were an early teen on the internet and I was an older guy from another country but by that point we trusted each other
    Did you change since then?

    Ooh you like death? Just an hour from where I live there are the catacombs of naples and the ruins pompeii; there's plenty of death here if you ever plan on visiting~
    I also remember you the darker stuff we did when rping heheheh
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    Yeah, it is cute!

    Favorite relationships to write/read about and fav character dynamics?

    I like the interactions between The One Sane Person and a Super-Happy Enthusiastic Nutjob (no points for guessing the inspiration).

    As for relationships, aside from pals hanging out together, I like the sister-sister and mother-daughter relationships.
    All very casual. No extended drama, because I am a Delicate Flower and too much sads would just make me depressed.
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    Aw man, l feel the same way happy late Saint Valentine's Day
    Hard to believe I've known you since you were 14 haha; you and Jakub have always been awesome friends despite me being a a complete stranger and how the only thing in we had in common at the time was liking a cartoon, thank you too
    Oh! I realised I haven't really shown you a picture of myself where I wasn't wearing a stupid costume, so here it is! it's from last week but whatever
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    So, me and my mom wanted to get a new internet modem because the one we had was 4 years old
    We call our phone company and they tell us to get an optical fiber modem because it's super fast and stuff, it works really well and it is very fast but No One told us we're gonna need to have our house phone permanently wired to it if we want it to work, we didn't like that since the house modem has always been in my room so we tell them to cancel our modem subscription so we can get another one.
    Turns out, if their modem is gone OUR PHONE LINE is gone too, they didn't tell us that. So we were had no internet AND no phone line.
    So of course we call them them and we go "WTF we're completely cut out from the world, give us our phone line back" and they're like "yeah you should've known (even if we didn't tell you anything when you bought it), it's gonna be back in a few days, no more than a week"

    That was 20 days ago
    I am...the angrier I've been in months, I have called them almost every day and they Always say the same effing thing "a couple more days" and I want to strangle them

    So in other words:
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    (Friggin' addictive to sing!)
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    Oh, question!

    Are your storylines more plot-driven, or character-driven?

    Do your characters have just TOO much personality sometimes, and end up just doing their own thing, instead of following your pre-planned plot?
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    If I was ever taught about styles of poetry in class, I don't remember the lessons.

    I like the simple A-B-A-B style of rhyming, and when I see REALLY fun lyrics to songs which involve an enjoyable rythm or rhyming style, I try to imitate it.

    The most recent one I did was the parody of "Be Our Guest" from Disney's "Beauty and the Beast".


    (Was really fun to write! Proud of it as heck!)

    My parody's called "Try Our Best". In it, the Cutie Mark Crusaders decide to out-prank Pinkie (who is convinced she is a Master Prankster) by doing The Impossible Thing and breaking the Fourth Wall and pranking the bronies (who are watching them WHILE they are singing that song) directly.
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    (Oh, and I sing and dance and act batshit insane A LOT, but not in public.)
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    Love you all the way to the moon and back! (Plus, approximately, three hundred laps.)

    You're a great friend too. I'm friggin' lucky to have found TWO awesome people in ONE place, who stuck together for so long.


    I've dwelled and still dwell in the arts, but (almost) never on stage to the audience, or co-operatively with other people (except online RP).

    In the largest quantities I write short stories. Mostly short dialogue scenes in the slice-of-life or comedy genre.
    Also, there's the plotlines and maps I wrote/drew during my role as a Dungeon master.

    I also like writing song lyrics, and a lot more rarely, poems. Though I like song lyrics a lot better.
    So far I did just remakes of existing songs in other languages, and parodies.

    Acting - I've mostly participated in tabletop RPGs, as a player and a Dungeon Master, and once in a LARP.

    Maybe three or four times I was on stage, at school. I recall the following:

    1. Once I was dressed as a famous Polish musician, Piotr Rubik, and "conducted" a school choir, flailing my hair and arms wildly, while it sang a song. Sadly my mom recommended me a wrong shampoo, and instead of making my hair blond, it just made it sparkle.

    2. And there was a time when I pretended to be an A+ student, diligently doing my classwork, while my classmate pretended to be a dropout who doesn't care about studying,
    and just fooled around in class. It was a mute scene, and we didn't say anything, and just did our thing while a relevant song (about the "good old days we used to spend at school") was played in the background. At the end of the scene the A+ student and the dropout shook hands and walked off stage. It was a play to say "goodbye" to the students who were finishing the high school education.
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