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    I only stopped in for a second on Wednesday, haha. I'm pretty busy then, but it seemed like there were a couple people talking in the livestream room. You should add me on Skype and put me in the room, so I can check things out a bit. I'll check it out some more Saturday. Not bad numbers, for a small thing.
    Retired from Aflac, eh? Not just trying to sell me because you're in it, at least.
    And yup, it's definitely true.
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    Pretty interesting. I checked out the livestream a bit, it was very cool. Everyone seemed like they were having a good time. I'll have to stop in for Saturday as well, if I can. How many people usually join in for the different streams? Other than the livestream itself, I could only find a Reddit and Fimfiction page, though. Anything else you guys use to plan stuff?
    And yeah, life really is what you make of it. I've never cared much about physical 'stuff', but I still would like to make plenty of money... that way I can use it to make things better where it counts. Thanks for the recommendation, I'll look into them. I've heard good things about them, and hearing someone who's retired and seems to have good morals say something like that is a pretty good commendation.
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    Damn, that does sound nice. Worth all the bullet making in the world! I don't care too much where I end up, so long as my company can help people. Money's just a tool you can use to shape the world, eh? Either way, so long as I can make people happy, I'll be proud.
    Oh, I heard you were a part of a group called LateNightPonies? Mind telling me about it?
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    Yeah, I'm just waiting and seeing for now. Hopefully I'll have a blinding flash of inspiration one day, and start up some great company.
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    As do I! No rest for the... Whatever we are. No minors right now, though I was thinking about adding one closer to graduation. I'm probably going to major in Economics specifically. It's a pretty high-tier business degree, so like you said, it can get me in nearly anywhere. I'll probably go wherever I can make the most money, at first... and then I'd like to start up my own business.
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    I get that feel, man. But still, you can always find something to do to fill the time!
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    Ah, makes sense. Sales isn't for everyone, especially how it can be run at times. If it's not for you, it's better to do something else. Sounds like it's a good deal, all around, more AND a different schedule. They may be long days, but that does sound like a good deal, actually. That's a pretty long weekend!
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    Physics? Wow, one semester was enough for me, thanks, haha. Religion's pretty interesting, though. Why are you switching from insurance sales to... making bullets? Seems like a pretty odd shift. At least listening to books while you mostly zone out doesn't sound too horrible.
  9. accidental post
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    Mathway's like wolfram, but more intuitive and probably different selection of topics. They're both great for a lot of stuff, haha. You like the stars then eh?
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