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    Stop being so damn proactive~
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    Glad to hear, mang. Thanks a lot.

    That reminded me to update my thread as well so thanks for that lol.

    If you wanna see my art the moment I update it this is probably your best option:
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    no u
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    Fantastic, bby. I've got so many plans and so little time~

    It's been nothing but good news these past couple months aside from my boss being fired, but it turns out that might be good too. I'll tell you about it later~
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    You flake out on me the day after I make you an emote? For shame.
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    He's up ur butt (hehe... butts)
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About BoJack Horseman
I've been too lazy to do this section forever, but yolo

WWII/Vietnam re-enactor that lives in the SouthEastern U.S.

German born, American raised

Unofficial Site Mascot, Official Site Bastard

Avid Historian. You may see my history thread around the forums. Feel free to PM me if you want to talk about some stuff.

That's pretty much it.

And as always, I will see you in the next thread! Buh-bye!
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Music, friends and College
War Reenactor
Favourite Pony:
Pinkie Pie


Quote Originally Posted by Braeburn View Post
Alright then

Closing this I guess since Blues is our new OC
Quote Originally Posted by Browniecake View Post
please don't be hard on me, I'm young.
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German Culture and Customs

by BoJack Horseman on 07-12-2013 at 10:36 PM
German Culture

Beer gardens in Munich. Castles in Heidelberg. The Black Forest. Hamburg’s red light district. A world-class art scene in Berlin. Marlene Dietrich. Relics of Mozart in Salzburg and Zurich’s banking might punctuated by the tick-tock of their infinitesimally precise clocks—there’s a lot about German culture that you probably already know. Like trains and…well, the list goes on. But did you also know that German is spoken in parts of Italy? Did you know that if you don’t

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The 69th Anniversary of D-Day

by BoJack Horseman on 06-06-2013 at 06:09 PM

June 6th, 1944 was a major turning point of World War II, particularly in Europe. Although the initiative had been seized from the Germans some months before, so far the western Allies had been unable to mass sufficient men and material to risk an attack in northern Europe.

By mid-1944 early mobilization of manpower and resources in America was beginning to pay off. Millions of American men had

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The 71st anniversary of The Battle of Midway.

by BoJack Horseman on 06-04-2013 at 07:33 PM
The Battle of Midway, fought over 71 years ago today, was one of the most important naval battles of the Pacific Campaign of World War II. Between 4 and 7 June 1942, only six months after Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor, and one month after the Battle of the Coral Sea, the United States Navy decisively defeated an Imperial Japanese Navy attack against Midway Atoll, inflicting irreparable damage on the Japanese fleet. Military historian John Keegan called it "the most stunning and decisive blow

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Sabaton: My New Addiction

by BoJack Horseman on 05-19-2013 at 04:29 PM
A few days ago I stumbled upon this Power Metal from Falun, Sweden that calls themselves Sabaton and the band's main lyrical themes are historical wars. Lyrical content drawn from World War I, World War II and other conflicts is prevalent and includes songs about battles and leaders on all sides of said conflicts. Being a History Major this particular band has peaked my interests. Why don't you take a listen?

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Vsauces' Worlds Largest Maze DONG #4

by BoJack Horseman on 05-05-2013 at 07:24 PM


Michael's TED Talk:

Video game name generator:

Pokemon Fusion:

pug licking your screen:

Apollo 11 recreation:

MARS gigapixel:

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