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    Yo Jose, how is life going? I've just completed my second College degree.

    I'd tell you "Come back to Mexico, spic", but you already live there.
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    Afghanistan voted for Trump.

    Even fucking Mexico is going to be great again.
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    That's because I AM GENUINELY HAPPY ABOUT GETTING TO SEE MY WIFE! What a time to be alive~
    And I won't deny that incidents of my happiness are few and far between, but still existent nonetheless.

    What about despairingly beautiful goddess Enoshima Junk though?
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    Unfortuneately my phone camera sucks so I couldn't get any good photographic evidence that my wife is real. ;; Never mind the fact that I was busy waving glow sticks around like a madman the whole time anyway...

    All I can suggest is anime figures, lots of anime figures.
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    Not much new with me, just busy being dead.

    Tomorrow I go to an anime concert though, shit's gonna be good.
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    Yes, we should indeed relearn the art of conversation my amigo.

    How is life behind the wall in Mexicoland going?
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    find a way around it
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Love Stuff and Stuff About Love

by Napstablook on 05-20-2013 at 01:22 AM
Welcome to this Life and Rants thread cleverly disguised as a blog.

When someone is your center of gravity, it doesn't let you go, you don't want to go in fear that you'll lose the balance, in my case, sanity, should you keep being attached to it until it accepts you or free yourself from its holding and roam around free in luck to find someone else to get attached to?

I don't know, I'm really in a depressive mood today for a talk I had with my crush, who's also my

Read More


A Section of Complaints

by Napstablook on 05-03-2013 at 02:48 AM
I hate this weeks so far, everything's projects, everything's works, every subject has something I got to finish in a day, where's my rest? My oh so needed rest? I hate not being able to relax for a while, having a tight schedule and making me miss opportunities, l
ike what happened here.

The only day someone offers to send a tablet for free, which I've always wanted to happen is the only day that I was't on the internet for the whole day, because I actually focused on my projects,

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