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    Happy Birthday!
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    She wants the Gak.

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    Competetive MTG ? As in, Magic the Gathering ? I played that too. Been to a few tournaments, won a few as well !
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    Everything is fine now. The internet and cable and everything is all back. We are still probably going to have to pay them for the work that they did on the house for the week or so they were working on it all, though they are not going to be paid nearly as much as they would have if the job had been done quickly and done right.

    I might be up for a little gambling if I was out with friends or on vacation in Vegas or something. Wouldn't go too overboard with it though. My rule of thumb is "Never bet anything that you aren't willing to lose".
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    Well it's my wi-fi in general but I don't think it's Comcasts fault. See we had some work done on the house recently where the siding was going to be replaced. When the workers were tearing the siding off the house, they did the worst job ever. They hit or cut something, and took out our phone, cable, internet...everything digital in our house was just out. We were living like damn cave men for a few days. And they didn't even do the siding right. My parents called the cops on them and chased them off the property. Now we need to find someone to replace the siding.

    Glad you had a good time at the casino though. I've never been to one. Not a gambling man myself.
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    Hope you had fun
    As for my tumblr? The AQ ponies started as random sketches to try new mane designs inspired on something, they all happened to be aquatic stuff because that's what came go mind atm, I posted pics of them on Deviantart and other places and people loved their designs, So I went on and gave them personality through descriptions on pics, people liked those too... then I started to string stories together in my head, Like how they interact and stuff and things you got pretty good! I wanted to share that with everyone so I went on and started the tumblr.
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    Yeah my metabolism has really started to slow down. Fortunately I can stay ahead of it ok with a small change in diet and exercise. I still haven't tried the detox diet, partly because my friend still hasn't gotten back to me

    I hardly remember Monsters Inc, I'll have to watch them both sometime. Toy Story I remember quite well though, I watched that movie a lot when I was younger. I thought Toy Story 3 was great, I don't know that I want a fourth though. Pixar has some incredible writers, but I can't help but feel that the Toy Story universe has gotten stretched pretty thin.

    Can't say I've ever heard of D05. I like it though. My kind of music for passing the time.

    I've recently rediscovered Massive Attack, they're a little more mainstream than most of what I listen to which is nice.
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    It's going alright. A few problems here and there. My internet connection has been crappy lately, but I think it's starting to get better.
    How about you?
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    I'm doing wonderful hun doing lotsa art and actually hanging out with friends a bit more lately you?
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    Money as well xD
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