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    I look a bit different, but not too much.
    This was taken over the summer! A more natural look (my hair is wild in that picture, because I didn't brush my hair that day.)
    Oh, I love death! I like the afterlife kind of stuff too. Like Ghost or If I Stay, but not as gushy. I like that idea of seeing what people say once you die. I like scary stories and dark things.
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    It's crazy how fast time flies! I remember I found this website through an app and I used that for the longest time! Sorry about your internet. That sucks.
    I've always described myself, but never really shown a picture. I need to find a good one though!
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    Happy Valentine's Day!
    So Calentine's Day is kind of dumb in the fact that people will just kind tell each other about their love and never say it again or do anything nice until next Valentine's Day. Sure, there are days where you might make breakfast or give a friend something nice, but how often do people really go out of their way to say "I love you" rather than just Valentine's Day.
    I don't say it enough at least.
    However, I love holidays and I feel inclined to love this one as much as any other holiday.
    So. Happy Valentine's Day! I can't tell you how thankful I am to have a friend like you. You are on the same level as anyone else that I'm friends with. You are another person who has been there since the beginning; always nice. I'm so glad we've been friends for so long. Love you!
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    I onestly don't even know what you're referring to by the news. Everything has blurred together into one big mess. The ban? Colorado? Ahahaha so much.
    Yes! I love traveling with my family, but large groups for school and church are awful. My church left me at a Bojangles in North Carolina when I used the bathroom. It was awful.
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    I've always wanted to go to Amsterdam! My brother went a couple of years ago and it seemed awesome. The art and everything. I've always wanted to visit Shakespeare's birthplace too in Straford-upon-avon. I would totally get my nerd out there. I love Shakespeare. I would probably go with a friend. That would be cool. I wouldn't like travelling alone. I feel like I would get sucked up into a crowd if I traveled by myself.
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    Glad to hear that you're ok!
    But it's encouraging to see that so many people are standing up against him.
    And frustrating to see those changing their minds now (the ones who voted for him in the first place). Like, "oh, so NOW that YOUR group is being attacked, NOW you're speaking against him."
    Some people are selfish and unwilling to change until something happens to themselves.
    Anyway, he's already making executive decisions and trying to do things such as continuing the pipeline, denying Visas from certain countries, building the wall, trying to defund Planned Parenthood (repeal Roe vs Wade along with that), prove that he did win the popular vote (which he didn't), defund scientists, and so many more things. He even got rid of climate change and the LGBTQ pages on the official White House website! Every time a walk into my AP Government class my teacher will "Do you know what our president has done today?" And we all (a majority of us) collectively groan. It's only been 8 days!
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    I'm not even surprised anymore. Lord, give me strength.
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    It's ok! I could've told you what kind of precautions they had at the ball drop. They had a news special about it. Garbage trucks full of sand, police, that sort of thing. Happy New Year!
    Oh yeah! That first post made me think about you and Jakub! That song is also insane.
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    If you get drunk enough!
    ...lots of fireworks though.
    Did you go to the Dick Clark New Year's Eve party in Times Square?
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    Ok, but here's the thing about drinking too.
    True, stores and bars are not allowed to sell alcohol to minors. If a group of kids get caught drinking, they'll get in trouble. However, some families let their children drink at home if it's a special occasion. As long as it's monitored by the parents and it's not an excessive amount. I don't know specific laws around that though, but it's not common for casual drinking. Just celebrations and stuff! Oh! Are you celebrating the New Year in the US too?
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