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Ask Lyssea - End of Chapter 1

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Summary of the story so far
Lyssea, an Earth-pony, wakes up with lost memory, for a short time not even remembering her own name. She is now trying to regain what she lost. To ( hopefully ) aid her is a book which asks her questions, though she does not understand how or why.
After having woken up and, briefly, re-learned how to walk she have now traveled from the place where she found herself to an applefarm in the area, where she is allowed to stay, provided that she is willing to work for it. Some of the questions from the book is making her alert of a possible danger, but she remains where she is, finding it the best course of action for now.

One day have passed.

- - - OOC - - -

And so we have reached the end of the first ‘chapter’!
The intention with these are to provide summary’s of the story for any new reader ( or old one who wants to fresh up their memory ), as well as to give me a place for OOC-topics or OOC-questions.

Dear goddess, I got way, -way- more followers then I had ever expected, fourteen of them so far! I honestly didn’t expect anyone to follow except when at gunpoint ^^;
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