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Ask Lyssea - The Old and the Innocent ( Part 1 )

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Whatever would happen in the future from the answer she had just written, there was nothing she could do about it now. Quietly she placed the pen back into the spine, though her thoughts was at a different place, evaluating her situation.
The first instinct was, of course, to run. The urge to do so was understandable, but she quickly dismissed it, not even needing to think hard about it. If she ran she would soon be without shelter and vulnerable, without food, water, or a clue to where she was. The increased risk of being found here outweighted the cons, in particular if she’d be lucky enough for the two younger ponies to help her - she doubted that the old stallion would be much help.
She picked the book up between her teeth once more, using one of her hooves to shift it a bit before it was in a good place to be carried without risk of dropping - or dripping with drool.
Book in mouth she turned around, but she only had time to take two steps before the pool of light suddenly shrank, leaving her in a surprising darkness. The source of this sudden eclipse was easy to spot, for Growing Seed was standing in the middle of the door, almost completely stopping the light from inside.
They looked at each other for a moment, before he gave her a faint smile, his voice revealing many tones of the different feelings he had regarding the thief. “There you are, we were almost starting to think you’d run away”
Lyssea heard his words, and she heard the meaning behind them. He’d feared that the apple-thief had dined well on their behalf and then run away, leaving nothing but dishes for them as a thanks. She shook her head, but the book in her mouth made her unable to answer, something he seemed to realize as he simply took a step to the side, giving her room to pass him.
She did so without question, the sound of her hooves switching from muffled earth to hard floor as she passed the opening. She could not avoid touching him as she passed him, both with her side and her tail, both which made him shy away as if stung - though if it was because she was a thief or a mare was impossible to tell.
Behind her she heard him close the door, the sound was not final, not ominous in any way, only the sound of a door. From further inside came the sound of Appleleaf and the old stallion talking and the clinking of plates being placed away.
Just a few steps inside she turned the corner and came into the dinner-room, where the two ponies were busy taking things away from the table and into the kitchen. Well, the old pony was mostly busy with it, Appleleaf did what she could, but with one leg already in a sling there wasn’t much she could do. At the sigh of Lyssea she gave a grin.
“There you are!” She exclaimed happily “Was wondering what’d happened, you were gone so long!” She attempted to wave for Lyssea to sit down, though the sling made it rather hard for her “Sit down now, tell us about yourself!”
Lyssea took a step forward, but then hesitated and stopped, shaking her head “No, I’d rather go to sleep”
She saw Appleleaf and Growing Seed exchange a look, and she knew what it meant. They didn’t trust her, and her words had not helped to ease that feeling.
“You can have a room” The old pony said “If you tell us your name” He was quiet after that, for so long that Lyssea had time to lower her head and let the book drop to the floor. Then he suddenly continued with “And you give Growing a kiss. Poor colt’s never had one”
There was a second of silence, before both Leaf and Growing reacted at the same time - Leaf with a violent laughter, and Growing with furiously red cheeks and a “WHAT?! You can’t tell her THAT!”
Lyssea frowned somewhat, looking between Growing and Leaf, and then back to the old pony who, surprisingly, gave her a wink. She shrugged a little.
“My name is Lyssea” She spoke the words and moved forward, so that when Growing turned his head to face her, muzzled pressed against muzzle, and second later lips against lips as Lyssea managed to find his. The kiss was brief and certainly not passionate, but that didn’t matter, it might as well have been a spell of Petrification on the poor Stallion.
As she broke the kiss Growing didn’t move for several seconds, staring wide-eyed at the blue mare. Appleleaf was quiet too, but only for a moment, before she saw the look on Growing’s face. Then she laughed, even harder then before, something which seemed to wake the stallion out of his shock.
He moved one of his hooves up, pressing it against his lips face, though did not do much more, still trying to process what had happened.
“There. May I have a room now?” Lyssea looked at the old stallion, who nodded his head, a smile on his face.
“Of course, this way. Growing, Leaf, please clean up while I show our guest to her room” He glanced at the two of his own family, and then made his way over to the door, with Lyssea soon behind him, the book once more in her mouth. In the doorway the old stallion stopped and looked back, giving Growing a wide smile “And be happy, youngling, now you know how it is to kiss a real mare, not just your pillow”
He left as Growing managed to let out a stuttering “W-what?! I-I don’t…!”, and Appleleaf letting out another roar of laughter. Lyssea followed the old one out and into the corridor and then up a set of stair to the upper floor, the last thing she heard of the other two being “I haven’t kissed my pillow!” from the stallion, while his sister gasped for breath between her fits of laughter and the words “Can’t… Breathe!” between it all.
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