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Ask Lyssea - A Talk and a Wait

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The two stepped away from the deep-blue pony and the door to the house, moving so that they could talk without being overheard by their ‘guest’. Growing’s steps were paced and slower then before, to allow his sister to keep up, the wounded and unusable leg of hers making her a slow and clumsy walker.
“Are you sure about this, Leaf?” Growing Seed spoke even before they stopped, his sister glancing back at him before she hopped a little bit further. Then she stopped and, with some difficulty, turned around to face him. Her smile was gone, and despite looking calm, Growing Seed knew her well enough to see the hint of worry hidden beneath.
“No, I ain’t. But I don’t see a better way, we were going to ask someone in town tomorrow anyhow, she is as good as anyone, thief or not. Besides…” She paused for a moment, eyes darting to the still mare at the house, as if to check she hadn’t run off, and then back at her brother. “She’s not from town. Wouldn’t spread as much rumors, if we are lucky”
“Rumors?” He looked a bit closer at her when hearing that concern “Why would we need to worry about rumors? There’s nothing here that could spawn rumors”
She gave him a look, as if to see if he was joking or not. Upon seeing that he clearly wasn’t, she spoke quietly to him”You don’t remember last time we hired someone? When they thought something was wrong with the harvest? Or the time before that, when they thought we had zap-apples?”
“Oh. Right” While not saying anything more on that topic his voice revealed that he remembered those, and others, incidents - and how much he wished he didn’t.
There was a moment of silence, during which Apple Leaf once more glanced towards the mare at the door, who seemed to have spit out the book from between her teeth and were now flipping through it, for whatever reason she might have.
“I suppose we can hire her then…” Growing’s words were somewhat uncertain, but he did not protest against the idea itself any further “Just don’t pay her before she’s done”
“Of course not” Leaf gave him a wide grin, suddenly seeming to be in much a better mood before she began to turn around, somewhat stumbling due to her unusable leg “She get her Bits after it is done, not a day earlier”
Growing nodded, though his focus turned more towards his sister then the bits, keeping his eyes on her to make sure she did not fall - though he didn’t offer help, she would never accept it.
They began to make their way back towards the house, where the mare was still playing with her book.

Lyssea watched the two ponies make their slow way away from her, to get out of earshot to talk with each others about how good it was to hire a thief - or so Lyssea guessed. To be honest, she did not care much for what they said, it was nothing she could affect, at least not in any good way.
No, her best option was to stay here, well in sight and where she couldn’t be mistaken for running away. If she was lucky, they’d give her a job, food, shelter, all which a pony might want to live for the day. If she was unlucky… well, she was starting to doubt they’d ask the guards to take her, they didn’t seem like that kind of ponies. No, they’d probably just get her out of the area.
If that happened, well, it wouldn’t be the first time she slept under bare sky, and at least it was not raining… this… time…
She stopped. When had she been sleeping outside last time? She couldn’t even remember yesterday, much less what had happened before that. She frowned around the book as she tried to remember, tried to cast her mind back in time - but again she could get no further then when she had woken up.
Her frown deepened for a few moments, before she shook her head. Thinking about it wouldn’t help her, she wasn’t clever enough to figure this out. She’d need to find someone who knew her, and puzzle it out from there. If she would not be able to find someone… that she’d have to take when she came there.
Move forward, don’t stop. If she stopped, she might never get started again.

She looked down at the book between her teeth, and then gently placed it back down on the ground. It wasn’t warm, not like it had been when it had asked her questions last time, but perhaps that had been but a fluke. And even if there was no questions, it might be something to do anyhow.
It was not a distraction, she had her plans, and in case she’d need to improvise further, she would deal with that when the day came. No, this was entertainment, she was waiting for the two ponies to finish deciding her future. Too little time to slip into deeper thoughts, and just waiting was boring. Not that she couldn’t do it, she could wait for hours if needed, but she was provided the option to be slightly less bored.
She used her hoof to flip the cover open, and to little surprise she found that there was no new questions. Those which were already there was written, as was her answers. The rest of the pages were blank, as before, not a speck of dirt on them. Nonetheless, she idly flipped through the pages, passing time by counting them.
She had come to one hundred and sixty-three pages when she heard the steps of the other two coming closer, and she briefly glanced up, to make sure that was true, before she closed the book and looked at them, not taking it back into her mouth. She might need to talk.
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