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Ask Lyssea - A warm House in sight

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“Hey! You! Apple-thief!” The words were angry and, on the account of the blue mare, completely unexpected. So unexpected in fact, that she dropped the apple to the ground. Had that been only that, it might not been too bad, but it was not all her body did in its fright.
Her right hoof reached once more to try and touch her own flank, as if trying to find something in an invisible saddlebag, while the rest of her tried to get to her hooves.
Of course, with one hoof reaching for her cutie mark she could not very well catch her balance as she got up on all four, and was ungracefully sent tumbling forward once more, her face hitting the earth again.
“Err..” Came the voice again, now sounding more confused then angry “Do you need help…?”
Lyssea felt herself starting to blush at the words, the unknown stallion clearly not believing her to be much of a threat.
“No” There was a hint of ice in her voice as the mare began to orient her hooves once more, trying to get her cheek from the dirt. After a few moments she succeeded in placing her hooves right and get up, finally letting her see the one who had startled her so.
He was a stallion of average height, or perhaps just a little bit taller, and he was a color like that of fresh grass. His mane and tail was a far darker shade of green, though both were cut shorter then was common, and on his flank was a stylized, brown seed.
“Who are you?” Her voice remained cold, for something inside told her to be careful of him - after all, it was only moments ago he had accused her of being a thief and he might still try to get her thrown in jail.
“That’s my line” His voice did not seem too angry, perhaps her less-then-graceful reaction to him had taken it out of him “Who are you, and why are you stealing our apples?”
There was a few moments of silence as they looked at each others. Him, looking almost tired but in good form nonetheless, and her, sticks and leaves in her mane and a hungry body.
Then her answer came in the form of a low growling from the blue stomach, signaling that one apple was not enough. Finding the silence broken, she spoke.
“Lyssea. Didn’t know they were yours” Her words was neutral, even though she was feeling some hope - if she could keep him from trying to get her into jail.
He looked disbelieving at her words, hesitating for a moment before he spoke. “Well, if that is the case you shouldn’t have any trouble coming with me and pay for any apples you’ve eaten, now would you?”
Another moment of silence, before she answered him.
“Can’t” Her words remained neutral, almost completely void of emotions, as she spoke. “Don’t have any money”
Another moment of silence, before he broke it with a deep sigh and gestured with his head. “Come with me. Sis is better at this”
The blue mare nodded and turned to the tree, licking her lips free from apple juice and, as it turned out, dirt before she leaned down and picked up the book.
With it safely in her mouth she turned to the stallion and followed him in silence, neither of them speaking.
As they came deeper in between the trees Lyssea could soon see hints that this was indeed a place owned by somepony, as there was well-trotted paths between the trees and, even deeper inside, large buckets placed beneath the trees to capture apples, by the looks of it.
Exactly how far or how long they moved between the trees were hard to say, five eternities according to her stomach but she didn’t listen to that. All she could tell that it was getting darker, and a lot more quickly and far earlier then she was used to.
Suddenly it was dark, though this only made it easier for her to see the lights of a house between the large trunks.
And then, as sharply as it had begun, the forest ended, and in the weak light of the moon she saw the farm buildings. They were large and solid, looking as if they had been built to last for a long while, and had survived for a few years already. There was several extra buildings, though they mostly seemed to be to store apples or tools.
The doors to the house was open, allowing light to spill out through the opening as well as through the windows. As an extra bonus, it also allowed the smell of food flood the dark night, a smell her stomach answered to with an eager growl - it was suddenly all for going in this direction.
They walked closer, still in silence, until they could hear the clattering of cooking-tools and the muffled chatter of the chefs. Then, when they were almost close enough to hear the individual words, a shadow filled the doorway.
“Growing, you’re lat-Who in the HAY is that?” The voice and words came from a mare which were now covering the opening. She was a dark yellow, while a knee-long orange mane hung from her body, and a tail of equal length.
One of her hooves was resting in a sling around her neck, evidence that she’d managed to hurt herself somehow fairly recently.
She looked shocked, clearly not having expected the stallion to bring anyone with him.
“I-” He began, but didn’t get further as an old stallion’s head came into view, glancing at the pair for but a second before excitedly saying. “Our little colt got a special somepony!”
“What? NO!” The green one said, sounding both shocked and almost worried “I-NO! She’s a thief! I caught her eating of the apples!” He pointed to Lyssea with his right front leg, who in turn said nothing, partly because of the book in her mouth.
“Oh” The old one managed to put many layers of disappointed into that single word, though he continued with renewed enthusiasm just moments later “She could be! You need to settle down and give me some grand-foals already”
“No! Go back and do the cooking already!” The green stallion was blushing furiously, and even as the older one had disappeared inside, muttering about the younger generations, he remained clearly embarrassed.
“So” The other mare made herself known again, looking extremely amused from what she’d just seen “What was this about a thief?”
“She” Growing pointed at the apple-thief, still blushing deeply himself “Found her eating apples. Say she didn’t know they were ours and that she got no Bits to pay with”
“That’d be a problem, yes” The mare nodded for a moment, thinking over the problem for a moment, before a light went up for her and a smile, even wider then the one she’d gotten from the words of the old stallion, came to her lips.
“If you got no Bits, how about working for them? It’s bucking-season, and I can’t help my brother with this on” She made a nod towards the sling and its contents “We give you food and Bits, and you help us out. What do you say?”
“Sis? Can I talk with you about this?” Growing looked at the wounded mare and after a nod they moved a bit away, talking quietly to one another, leaving Lyssea to think on her own.
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