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Why I love hugs

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This is the answer to a question that was asked in my ask me thread, that I felt i wanted to share on a wider scale, so I'm making it a blog post as well.

I love hugs so much because when you hug someone, when you even touch someone, it's a type of transfer. You are giving a little bit of yourself and in turn taking a little bit of them as well. Hugs are close, but they don't have to be specific in any way. You can hug someone because they are your friend, because you love them, but you can also hug them to say "I acknowledge you and want to share something with you." How someone hugs you and others around you can say a lot about what they think of you or their emotions towards you. How close they hug you or how long, one arm or two, etc.

Giving people hugs for the sake of hugs is a fast and easy way to get and provide information, and at the same time a way to provide comfort and a good way to show that even though you might not know someone, you still care about and acknowledge the fact that they are a person. It's all communication. And I basically love the closeness it provides, without any kind of commitment to staying particularly close. On the flipside, there are those who dislike hugs for that exact same reason, they don't want to feel any closeness with someone who they are not already emotionally close to.

I feel like hugs break barriers and can start friendships and I feel that are just as good of a way to begin sharing friendship with someone as saying hello and asking how they are is. Physical communication is important to me. I pay close attention to physical cues and spend a lot of time thinking about them and how people react when I move, or what emotions they display. I'm not as good at spoken communication, I don't really know the best thing to say most of the time, and even just explaining hugs like this, is best left to written conversation for me, because I feel like I am better able to display my thoughts. Physical communication is a way for me to display how I am feeling without having to talk about it, because generally I can't explain my own emotions enough through just speaking.

I give and love hugs because it's communication, because it's emotional, and because it feels nice to just wrap your arms around a person and be close for a moment.
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  1. Epsilon's Avatar
    That was the most scientific explanation (and the only one) of hugs I've ever heard.
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  2. McLovable Drift's Avatar
    I agree with that entirely. Tho u definatly worded that way better then I ever cud Lol
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  3. GalenAnon's Avatar
    Or you know cause the release of hormones that gives the euphoric feeling. Cause science explains all feelings with pheremones and electrical pulses of the brain. I ain't a psychologist, but i have studied up on this a bit while in high school and cause my mother won't stop going on about her psychology courses.
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  4. Sonous's Avatar
    Wasn't I the one who asked that?
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