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25 Things I've Learned to do from life online.

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Just a kind of random compilation of things that I've learned or do while spending time online and talking to people. Sort of a list of things to remind myself to do from time to time.

1. Hug everyone. Even if they don't want one.

2. If two friends dislike or are fighting with one another, do not get involved unless it is about or directly involves you in some way.

3. If someone asks me not to talk about something because it upsets them, I won't talk about it to them.

4. If you upset someone, apologize to them. If you're worried you upset someone, apologize to them.

5. Make jokes about yourself.

6. Be honest.

7. If someone hurts you, think long and hard before complaining about it or making assumptions.

8. No matter how bad you've been hurt, hurting the other person back will never help.

9. Stay out of Skype groups.

10. Unless you actually feel like talking about personal problems, don't mention that you're having any.

11. If something you said is ignored, drop it and join in the conversation that is already going on. You can always try again later.

12. Be polite.

13. If someone is sad or not feeling good, listen to them, and try to help if you can.

14. If someone gives you advice, thank them and take it courteously. Especially when it's advice you don't want to hear or take.

15. If someone makes you eat your words, learn something.

16. Be kind.

17. There is wisdom in keeping your mouth shut when you don't actually have something to say.

18. Use games to relieve stress.

19. Keep your promises.

20. Remember that it's okay to cry, complain, and ask for help. Just not excessively.

21. If you get upset, leave for a few minutes, calm down, work on something else, and come back when you can behave maturely.

22. Go outside sometimes.

23. Remember to smile, it will help you feel better.

24. Share things.

25. Remember that there is always someone willing to help you, listen to you, or just give you a hug when you need one. You aren't alone.
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  1. Craze's Avatar
    #22 is the best advice XD
  2. Philomena's Avatar
    Well written, good sir!
  3. Envy's Avatar
    That is very true and I think everyone should consider it
  4. MLPlover26's Avatar
    Why is your picture pikachu/pinkie pie?
  5. Sonous's Avatar