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Oh joy... another blog post by someone that is about a video game

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Anyway... Fez is an indie game by Polytron Corporation. You play as Gomez, an adorably simply designed fellow who gets bestowed with a magical Fez (for real), which grants him the powers to see a third dimension, previously unseeable to him.
This makes for some great mechanics and logic puzzles, where shifting the perspective of the map allows you to move to previously unseen areas, access areas that you couldn't before, or reveal new routes to take.
The plot is simple enough (from my 1 level that I have played so far...) There are cube fragments scattered throughout the land, and you must collect them all and reform the original cube.
This is a charming game with great mechanics, a wonderful atmosphere and a glorious soundtrack. I recommend it highly.

And I mean seriously, look how adorable Gomez is:
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  1. Philomena's Avatar
    Haha, perhaps I'll have to check it out.
  2. Cyrus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Luna
    Haha, perhaps I'll have to check it out.
    Do it! It only cost me £6.99, or about $10, and it is wonderful, quirky and original

    And check out the soundtrack!

  3. Philomena's Avatar
    Based on what you're telling me, I shouldn't listen to all of the soundtrack and wait to listen to it as it enhances the game.