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Rarity ....

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I don't give a f what you have to say about it ok?So whatever,make fun of the list...

Quote Originally Posted by Na11 View Post
She is the best pony,I even created a fansite for her here
and forums:
Ok back to why:
1. She's fabulous
2. She's such an individual
3. Her voice
4. Her singing
5. Her mane
6. Her mane is purple
7. Her eyes are best eye model
8. She's creative
9. Generous
10. She's got diamonds on her butt
11. Glasses Rarity is kawaii
12. Her sister is best filly
13. Art of the Dress is an amazing song
14. So is Becoming Popular
15. Heck, any song she's in is enhanced by her voice being in it
16. She knows Karate
17. She's clever
18. Personality is complex as hell
19. Best quotes ever
20. 'But I thought you wanted whining!'
21. 'I'll destroy her!'
22. Crystal pony design is the best thing ever
23. Made a hat out of 3 pieces of hay and a drinking straw work
24. Totally shined every moment she was in season 3 despite not having any dedicated episodes
25. Best EqG design
26. Can always tell when her friends need help
27. Has a cat
28. Was awesome as Princess Platinum
29. She's just gorgeous, okay?
30. She's a unicorn
31. The only remaining unicorn in the Mane 6, in fact
32. Her butt looks good with Rainbow Dash's cutie mark on it
33. Best wet mane
34. Still looks good with her tail cut off
35. Element of Generosity is best Element of Harmony
36. Dat white coat
37. BFF with Fluttershy
38. Totally owns a douchey prince
39. She's girly but not overly so
40. Has the best VA on the show
41. Best facial expressions
42. She is the answer to the universe
43. Her relationship with her sister is amazing and realistic
44. Doesn't want to be anything like her parents
45. Owns and lives in a boutique
46. So beautiful she has a dragon fawning over her
47. Says fabulous a lot
48. Is friends with 5 other awesome ponies
49. Is just awesome whenever she's on screen for the most part
50. Her name is Rarity


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    leightons back!
  3. Lenanimafoxy's Avatar
    Not to be a total asshole but i am a somewhat Pegasi lover and i was raised with my brother and his friends to come to one conclusion: Rarity's a bitch but then again that is how i was taught.