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Retro Game of The Week: Dungeon Keeper

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Dungeon Keeper is a 1997 game by Peter Molyneux, probably most known for the Fable series, during his time at Bullfrog Studios.

An RTS god game with a twist, that twist being that you play as the Lord and Master of a Dungeon, and you are on a campaign of evil against all that is good and nice in the world:

What I like about this game is the whole atmosphere of the venture. The whole thing is set in tunnels and caves, and you really feel the confined presence of it should you possess one of your creatures to explore your dungeon first hand.
There are a wide range of monsters, creatures and supernatural beings that you can entice to do your bidding, or you can capture and convert/kill heroes to your cause as well.
The gameplay is simple enough, but engaging enough to be fun, despite the occasional grind required to face off against a rival keeper or a particularly strong Lord Of The Land.
All in all, Dungeon Keeper was a unique creation for its time, and to this day is still fun and engaging to play. I recommend anyone who likes RTS games to play this gem, as I doubt they would be disappointed.
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