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Conversation Between Cyrus and Shine!

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  1. Happy birthBrae!

    I hope your birthday was filled with glorious "white withouts" and all sorts of other things I can only dream of understanding.

    Thanks for continuing to live~
  2. You know, I've come to associate you so much with the name Braeburn that I'd forgotten that he was an Apple family character. In any case, Apple triplets 4 lyfe.
  3. lol well we're already both part of the Apple family

    But I approve of the new title
  4. Britch-A-Britch! I forgot to tell you to change your name! Our twin telepathy isn't quite complete yet, but it'll come in time. Anyways, I dub thee Apple Brae!
  5. Done! Hello new Twin-a-Twin!
  6. My beloved Bryburn, I desire life-time companionship - and after countless hours of studying your every move, () have come to the conclusion that you're the only one for me! So uh, just take me up on that! Adopt a Twin-A-Twin! today! You'll probably get a huge tax write-off.
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