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Conversation Between Cyrus and Captain Shekelstein

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  1. You've returned for the (second) end of days

    Ready for it?
  2. You were a fun opponent. I'm going to miss you.

    Good luck with Lyra. We need White babies.
  3. lol

    happy new year Juan, hope you have a good one

  4. 1:59 -2:20

  5. I'm offended. Not because you called me fat, but because that was the best you could come up with? Where's the spark? It's like a snake that's been defanged, makes me feel sorry for you bro
  6. Desperation is unattractive, like your overweight body.
  7. You know desperation isn't attractive
  8. Oh no your words hurt me deeply. I'm going to go and an hero now

    Kek you believe what you want to believe
  9. It's a dead ass site because your were an incompetent.
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