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Conversation Between Cyrus and Rise!

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  1. Happy birthday, Braeburn!~
    Time to get crazy! Break out the electric kettle~
  2. Please, I was, and always will be, THE mad king. You are a mere child by comparison
  3. You have nobody to blame but yourself!~

    Nobody will be safe from the tildes I'll unleash upon this forum

  5. Morning, Brae~
  6. Hey, Braeburn!~
    Me and Switch have been talking and we've decided to make you our honorary third twin!~
    From now on, the name "Britch-A-Britch!" Will be reserved just for you!
    It's unfortunately very pants themed and awfully close to another very unappealing name~
    We're doing our best here though, Brae!~
  7. You're welcome, even though I was only saying the truth
  8. "Twitch is all around..."
    D'awww thanks, Brae~
  9. I knew there had to be some positives to waking up at this ungodly hour lol
  10. Morning, Brae!~
    You're just in time for my bi-monthly VM spam~
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