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Conversation Between Lyssea and Reese

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  1. That's good.
    I use it through the website, definitely not installing the app though.
    What's your name on it?
  2. I have a facebook. I made it so I could use the chat - and since I use third-party software ( <3 Adium~ ) I can reach the chat without giving out weird stuff.
    I use nothing else, I wouldn't even know how xP
    I don't actually use the chat, the list of permissions they wanted was waaaaaaaaaaaay too much.
    They demand access to your images and everything! Fuck that!
  4. None which I can really use. Still available on msn/gtalk/facebook/ect if you really want to talk with me though.
    And only the chat on facebook, I don't actually visit the site ^.^' Just use the chat.
  5. You are missed </3
    No skype on phone?
  6. I'm not dead yet! Just out of the game for a few months. Or years.
  7. RIP
  8. "Ohai there, we see that are you DARE use an older version of skype? Hohoho, let us fix that. Update. Your version will not work anymore. OH, and did we MENTION that the new skype is not available for your slightly older OS? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Fuck You" -Microsoft
  9. Hi Lyss!
    Skype fucked?
  10. Hey Lyss, I saw you tried to talk to me on skype, but my skype is messed up ><
    If it's important please PM me on the site
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